Inner Voices

Poetry by teens for teens

Poetry by teens for teens

April 11, 2006

"A Well-trained Audience"


The day begins - another endless dreadful script

Dismally read by a cast of fools

So detestable that not even Hell itself will open its white hot gates.

Petty pictures through the bioscope of outplayed phrases

The countless terms for organs too popular for their given names.

No one laughs for humor, nor collapses for sadness.

But for the sake of the audience.

A well-trained audience.

Are we too numb to feel our own emotion, that we have to hand it off for others to do so for us?


"Listen, look"


So that I would stop abruptly on pavement?

these Maryland cornfields covered in snow

come lie on my bed and look at the stars

that aren't there anymore

young boy, you do not love things

which you do not know, nor do you love

things which you do.

you love things that you are quietly acquainted to.

and listen to this music

and listen to how it fills the air around you

look at your hands

and look at how they occupy

space and look at your words and

look at how they occupy time

November 9th, 1989

the universe's ebb and flow of inconsistency

in consistent manner

life is just us carrying mysterious boxes

up a spiral staircase.

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