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April 05, 2006

Thunderstorm shakes things up

With a crack and a downpour, the first real thunderstorm of the spring roared across the Alleghenies and through Hancock and Washington County on Monday afternoon.

Accompanied by hail and high winds, the boiling clouds descended and swept through the river valley powered like a leaf blower. The accompanying deluge flooded gutters and floated the flotsam of the winter into the middle of the streets, displacing gravel, dirt and compacted leaves - the mulch of a winter past.

While not quite enough rain to soak the March parched ground, the droplets sponged pollen and dust from the air, rinsed the accumulation of grime from leaves and diluted much of the last of the winter's salt from the roads.


On the weather map, this system swirled across the region like a huge comma come alive, the bands of rain pressing from west to east throwing out twisters and balls of hail.

Behind it a cold stream of air is funneling out of Canada with last-minute reminders that the change of seasons is not complete, but has begun.

Greenhouse to open

Hancock students attending Washington County Technical High School are among those who proudly announce the opening of the school greenhouse on Monday, April 10.

The hours of operation will be Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to noon. The list of plants available is extensive, including perennials, annuals and vegetables.

More information regarding the greenhouse, including pictures, can be obtained by logging onto, clicking on member schools, clicking on Washington County Technical High School, then clicking on the greenhouse page. Pictures are in the picture gallery in the upper right hand corner of the greenhouse page. You may also contact the school directly at 301-766-8050 with any questions. The school is at 50 W. Oak Ridge Drive in Hagerstown. Steve Frame is the entrepreneurship instructor who has helped make all this possible. This year when planning your beautiful flowerbeds or boxes, why not support the entrepreneurship of our local students?

Indoor Guard puts on exhibition

Our school's Indoor Guard presented an evening exhibition last Friday at Hancock Middle/Senior High School gym.

This was an evening to perform - as individuals and groups, and as a complete corps. In addition, the Indoor Guard from Brunswick High presented its show, titled "Play that Funky Music."

The evening began with a performance of the piece "You and Me" from the middle school guard. Sabrina Stevens, Tiffany McFadden, Khrystyne Feigley and Bethany Faith were featured. Next, Samantha Golden performed a solo to the music "Jesus, Take the Wheel." Jocelyn Kline and Heather Layton followed with a duet to "Dreams."

Chelsea Stigile performed a nonstop hit to "We Like to Party," making use of flag, sword and gun, plus some dance steps that showed just how much fun she was having!

A duet by Abbey Bovey and Ashley Davis to the music "Seasons of Love" topped off the first half of the show. Next, the indoor guard from Brunswick took the floor. Seven members traveled to Hancock.

Special presentations to the parents and helpers were distributed during a short break.

Finally, the Hancock ladies took the floor in exhibition with their 2006 show, "Love," such a short name for a show that has won them several first place awards in the circuit of competition.

On Saturday, April 1, the team traveled to the Regional Competitions in Hanover, Pa., and scored a third place out of 10 other teams in their division! This is the best placement they have had since they began competing several years ago.

The guard consists of 10 members in grades 7-11: Abbey Bovey, Casey Butts, Ashley Davis, Jocelyn Kline, Danielle Copeland, Samantha Golden, Khrystyne Feigley, Chelsea Stigile, Heather Layton, Sabrina Stevens and Tiffany McFadden.

The staff which directs these students is comprised of Erica Sherrill, teacher and head coach Kristen Bohner and Emily Gigger. Special assistance is given by Matt Beal, Ryan Baier and Hancock's director of bands, Micah Socks.

St. Peter's cooks to feed hikers, bikers

Hikers, bikers and eaters are all in luck! What do they have in common? St. Peter's Catholic Church Haiti Project is what! Last Saturday, the ladies of St. Peter's, and its mission, St. Patrick's in Little Orleans, sold soup and sandwiches to help begin this fund-raising effort.

On Saturday, May 20, they will sponsor a hike and bike event along the Western Maryland Rail Trail, beginning at 10 a.m. in the church parking lot. Last year, they raised more than $1,000 toward the Haiti mission and are hoping to do even better this year. If you want to sponsor a hiker or biker, or hike or bike yourself, please contact St. Peter's at 301-678-6339 to sign up!

Re-Use Center might be of help

Are you looking for a useful, inexpensive way to improve your home? Why not look into the resources from the Re-use Center in Hancock.

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