My Ride

April 04, 2006|by SARAH JOHNSTON

Name: Symphony Wilson

Age: 18

School: junior at North Hagerstown High School

Type of car: '99 Chevy Cavalier

Received: Symphony received her car from her father in March 2005. "My father made the payment for my car," she says. "He had done the same for my older sisters, Harmony and Melody."

Why she got it: The price was right. It met the agreed budget exactly.

Unique problems: "The first month I had my car, it didn't have a battery in it, and I couldn't drive it around," she says.


Symphony's car tale: "One evening, while I was driving my friend home, I hit a mailbox on the shoulder of the road with my car's side mirror. The mirror bent, came flying (toward) the open window, and then back out again. My friend screamed pretty loud!"

Ultimate car: '06 Honda Civic. Why? "It's sweet!" she says. "My boyfriend, Caleb, teases me because he has a Honda and I have a Chevy."

What's in her CD player: "A mix CD from my boyfriend."

My Ride is an occasional feature that spotlights Tri-State-area teens and their vehicles in Pulse.

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