Man sues over alleged oven-cleaner ingestion

April 04, 2006|by KAREN HANNA

A man who alleges he was served oven cleaner with his french fries at a baseball game has sued the Hagerstown Suns for damages.

In a lawsuit filed Friday in Washington County Circuit Court, Stephen and Regina Parrotte of 10518 Bear Creek Road in Hagerstown claim Stephen Parrotte suffered "serious, painful and permanent injuries to his mouth, throat and digestive tract" after he ate oven-cleaner-topped fries during a home game in 2003.

The Parrottes are suing Big Game Capital, Big Game Maryland LLC, Big Game Maryland II LLC and Mandalay Baseball Properties for $950,000 in compensatory damages and $250,000 for the damage the incident caused their marriage. The Herald-Mail reported in December 2002 that Ohio-based Big Game Capital agreed to sell the Hagerstown Suns to Mandalay Baseball Properties, the team's current owner.

A woman at the Parrotte residence who identified herself as Regina Parrotte said Monday her husband would not comment about the case.


Hagerstown Suns General Manager Kurt Landes said Monday he had no comment about the case.

According to the suit, Parrotte and a friend both ordered fries with vinegar from a concession stand during a game April 24, 2003.

The lawsuit claims that the concession stand did not stock vinegar and that an employee poured oven cleaner, which was in an unlabeled plastic jug in the food preparation area, over the food Parrotte and his friend ordered.

The lawsuit alleges that as Parrotte and his friend ate the fries they "experienced a sudden and extremely painful burning sensation." Though Parrotte sought medical treatment immediately, the lawsuit claims he continues to need medical care and he faces an increased risk of cancer to the areas exposed to the oven cleaner.

The lawsuit does not indicate how Parrotte discovered what was on his fries.

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