Heritage students take part in annual Fine Arts Festival

March 31, 2006

On Feb. 8, Heritage Academy elementary and high school students participated in the annual Fine Arts Competition. The categories were speech, vocal music, instrumental music, art and creative writing.

Each student was given a score of either Good, Excellent, Superior or Superior with Invitation. The students named Superior with Invitation will continue into the Regional Fine Arts Competition, where they will compete with students from other schools.

The winners are:

  • Speech - Excellent: Todd Brennan, Rebekah Clarke, Ruth Clarke, Alexis Marquiss, Grace O'Brien, Brittany Patey and Lindsey Shade.

  • Vocal Music - Excellent: Jake Boutieller, Bekki Brewer, Kara Burkett, Chrissy Creswell, Olivia Dorsey, Stephanie Eberly, Kristin Hoffman, Victoria Key, Victoria Lulciuc, Macayla Wiles, Tessa Wiles, Hannah Wise and Sarah Wycoski.

  • Instrumental Music - Excellent: Kara Burkett, Troy Cosner, Olivia Dorsey, Dominique Forsman, Isabel Forsman, Nicole Gaylor, Victoria Lulciuc, Chloe Prejean, Carrie Shade and Danny Williams.

  • Art - Good: Wesley Armstrong, Cherie Clark, Rachael Clarke, Rose Clarke, Olivia Dorsey, Dominique Forsman, Maggie Harmon, Sarah Krause, Elizabeth Lulciuc, Grace Ramaciotti and Natalie Shaffer.

  • Art - Excellent: Scott Brandt, Kyle Burkett, Paige Caudell, R.J. Clarke, Michele Creswell, Olivia Dorsey, Isabel Forsman, Cody Hartman, Abby Hoosier, Sarah Krause, Elizabeth Lulciuc, Victoria Lulciuc, Hannah Muller, Grace Ramaciotti, Carrie Shade, Eric Shafer, Rachel Shafer, Alex Sword, Peter Therrien, Macayla Wiles and Katie Williams.

  • Creative Writing - Good: Jake Boutieller, Matthew Clopper, Carrie Shade and Paige Farrow.

  • Creative Writing - Excellent: Aaron Anderson, Hannah Barnes, Todd Brennan, Paige Caudell, Cheree Clark, Lee Clark, Abigail Collins, Tyler DeHaven, Brianna Dorsey, Stephanie Eberly, Will Faith, Kayla Fulp, Brooke Gaylor, Nate Gaylor, Hannah Graff, Chris Harrell, Emily Hemphill, Kristin Hoffman, Victoria Key, Kathleen Kidd, Victoria Lulciuc, Robbie Martin, Chloe Prejean, Emory Rowland, Abraham Strickler and Tessa Wiles.

  • Creative Writing - Superior: Danae Deal, Dylan Black, Seth Brewer, Kara Burkett, Michael Donmoyer, Olivia Dorsey, Dominique Forsman, Ben Martin, Megan Mowen, Bryce Nigh, Grace Ramaciotti, Emilie Rowe and Sarah Wycoski.

Superior with Invitation students were:

  • Speech - Dylan Black and James Murphy

  • Vocal Music - Andrea Clark, Hannah Gaylor, Jessica Gaylor and James Murphy

  • Instrumental Music - Aaron Anderson, Laura Calhoun, Brooke Gaylor, Jessica Gaylor, Grace O'Brien and Tristan Prejean

  • Art - Samantha Brandt, Kelsie Clark, Amanda Crabtree, Paige Farrow, Brooke Gaylor, Nicole Gaylor, Kristin Hoffman, Lexie Holtzman, Jessica Kirby, Zach Key, Robie Martin, Gene Wiles and Hannah Wise

  • Creative Writing - Rachael Clarke, Troy Cosner, Jonathan Ellis, Michael Hendershot, Tristan Prejean, Abigail Stevens, Luke Therrien and Annie Williams.
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