More for 'Less

March 28, 2006|by TIFFANY ARNOLD

HANCOCK - Don't be fooled by the guerilla marketing tactics employed by teen punk band Somethingless.

The five-piece band practices in guitar player John "Lou" Evartt's garage and makes copies of their CDs on his home computer, passing them out before and after shows at local Grange and Ruritan Halls.

But online, they've received more than 4,000 plays. The Web exposure has landed them two performances at the Emergenza Festival Tour two years in a row, Evartt said.

Recently, Somethingless took on two musicians from another local teen band, Stretching Amber Skies. Skies' Justin Hoffman,16, replaces drummer Dustin Shillingberg, 18. Wes McKenen, 17, is the new keyboardist.


About the band

Guitarist/vocalist: Chris Banas, 17, of Hagerstown

Guitarist/vocalist: John "Lou" Evartt, 19, of Hancock

Keyboardist: Wes McKenen, 17, of Smithsburg

Drummer: Justin Hoffman, 16, of Smithsburg

Bassist/vocalist: Eddie Williams, 18, of Waynesboro, Pa.

Genre: Pop-punk indie, post-hardcore - think hardcore without all the yelling

Who they sound like: Old-school Blink 182, Hawthorne Heights, Fallout Boy, Haste the Day

Where to hear them: April 20; Sonar, Baltimore. All ages show. Admission $10. They're opening for indie rockers, Socratic.

Web: or

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