Everything old is new

March 28, 2006|by ESPE MARTINEZ

Cowboy boots, pumps, waist belts and scarves. All recycled fashion. What's next? Corsets? Oh, wait ...

Ladies and gentleman, there has been a vintage outbreak spreading throughout all parts of America. Yes, that's right. Even Hagerstown. This epidemic is contagious, catching many Hollywood stars off guard. Christina Aguilera jumped on the train by sporting Marilyn Monroe's do. Perhaps Ryan Seacrest will follow up with a mullet. Oh, hold on Travis Tritt already has one.

We've seen style flashbacks to the '60s, '70s, and '80s and we're still seeing them, but now they go to extreme vintage. The bold colors that are appearing in every type of fabric as well as the high, modest necklines and corsets are from the Victorian Era. The dominance of silk fabrics came way back from the 1900s to 1920s, following the Victorian Era. So you can thank your great-grand-mama for those silk sheets you covet so much.


A large part of today's fashion has come back from the 1950s. This includes those short, poofy, chiffon-layered prom dresses that are so popular. The rave over white and natural-looking clothes largely comes from this time period too. My four pairs of ballet flats originated in the 1950s, giving me just one more reason to appreciate history.

The 1960s contribute a lot to the 21st century. We earned A-line skirts and dresses as well as beige and opal-colored clothing. I know I'm grateful for anything that makes me look tanner!

Converse shoes rocked the '70s, much like they do now. Pump-style heels and fancy scarves have come back from that era, too.

Although the distressed denim look seems new, it's not. I don't just mean it's a few years old either. Factory-distressed denim dates back to the '80s, which also gave us high waisted slacks. Thankfully, they are now being worn more fashionably.

As for the '90s, let's just say that I'm glad '90s fashion has stayed '90s fashion ... for now.

Cowboy boots, washed-out tees, oversized sunglasses, skinny ties, as well as skinny jeans can be added to the long list of vintage clothing that will be seen in magazines across the country.

Fashion is a constantly changing cycle that will eventually repeat this generation. So save those cute cropped tops; your granddaughter will want them in 50 years.

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