Shippensburg University honors employees, retirees

March 26, 2006


Shippensburg University recently presented its Employee Recognition Award.

Receiving the award was Patrick Taylor, who was honored for his initiative in applying for and receiving a grant of money and equipment from State Farm Insurance and then working to have the donated laptops installed and loaded properly in university police vehicles.

He also worked to form an honor guard of university police officers to represent the department at formal functions.

Also receiving the award were David Ickes, Darrell McKenrick, John Gossert, Jeanne Yohe, Terry Dunlap, Greg Naylor, Bryan Kyner, Jason Fritz, Lonnie Shaffer, Chester Jumper, Daniel Geyer and Gerald Tasker.

They were honored for their efforts in completing the planned roadway tree and planting bed installation, which involved installation and establishment of plants and beds, while working with a full schedule of maintenance and special event preparedness throughout the year.


Seventy-one employees were honored upon their retirement or for their years of service:

Retirees - Janet Bard, Alice Brannan, Darlene Brenize, Connie Caudill, Anthony Ceddia, Lola Cohick, James Coolsen, Dixie Coons, Joseph Cretella, Richard Daihl, Bonnie Diehl, Brenda Doyle, Vicki Dunn, Nancy Fritz, Beverly Graham, Susan Harvey, Elizabeth Keener, Richard Kling, Ruth Koser, Kay McKenrick, Alana Moriarty, Lois Waters, Marie Webb, John "JR" Wells, Melinda Wise, Donald Wilkinson and Thomas Witherow.

35 years - Jane Lytle

30 years - Sandra Corman, James Frey and Mary Lou Rosenberry

25 years - Gloria Adams, David Bonsell, Debra Booz, John Herb, Bonnie Horn, Diane Karper, Cheryl Reese, Thomas Rumberger and Robert Shank.

20 years - Douglas Bietsch, Stephen Holoviak, Marian Schultz and James Stine

15 years - Nancy Bailey, Scott Bradnick, Lisa Cline, Karen Casey, Renee Payne, Dean Rossman, Debra Rotz, Brenda Seibert and Maryann Shirk.

10 years - Janet Boone, Judy Calaman, Amy Diehl, Angela Flythe, Debra Gutshall, Jody Harpster, Patsy Kelley, Roy Ott, Tammy Pearson, Kaye Robinson, Donna Rosenberry, Vicki Shaak, Karen Smith, David Topper and Vicky Tosten.

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