Board cuts 'extras' from stadium plans

March 23, 2006|by DON AINES

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - About $300,000 was knocked off the $6.8 million Trojan Stadium project Wednesday night as the Chambersburg School Board voted to modify or cut items ranging from a $5,162 food slicer to a $71,341 storage building.

Last month, the board awarded construction bids totaling about $6.1 million, which did not include about $700,000 in architectural, permitting and other fees on the renovation of the stadium at Chambersburg Area Senior High School. The architectural firm of Crabtree, Rohrbaugh & Associates was directed to work worth with contractors to identify items to modify or eliminate from the project.

Demolition on the stadium began this week. The district originally earmarked about $5.8 million from a bond issue for the stadium project, Business Manager Rick Vensel said last month.

The list the board looked at Wednesday identified $46,190 in savings in the concession stands, including the food slicer and some separate storage areas, refrigerators and freezers for which athletic booster clubs had lobbied.


The space saved in the concession stands will become storage space, which in turn eliminates the need for a $71,341 storage area that would have "required extensive fireproofing because it was under the bleachers," Doug Rohrbaugh said.

Cutting candle power will trim another $70,000 by reducing the number of lighting fixtures on each mast from 36 to 30, Rohrbaugh said. The only areas that will be significantly affected by the reduced lighting are at the ends of the track oval, he said.

The lighting in those areas would not meet recommended levels for high school competition, according to letters from lighting consultants, but it was noted that track meets are usually daytime events.

Retaining, rather than replacing, lighting in the parking lot next to the gymnasium will cut another $35,000, Rohrbaugh said.

Reducing the size of the scoreboard from 36 feet to 32 feet in width will save another $22,650, Rohrbaugh said. Some of the savings is realized not from the price of the scoreboard itself, but the cost of putting it in place with heavier duty construction equipment, Vensel said.

A savings of $36,502 is estimated by renovating the visitors press box instead of building a new one, Rohrbaugh said.

The board also eliminated sidewalks and curbs in the visitors parking lot and opted for less expensive masonry blocks. The board decided to retain 11 masonry piers at the main entrance and decorative bollards at two ticket booth entrances.

The board will also look at modifying two other features - a plaza retaining wall and circular concrete walkways at the entrances.

The list of options included reducing home seating by 384 and eliminating further modifications to the visitors bleachers for a savings of $158,000. However, Rohrbaugh said that would complicate installing the eight-lane track and not allow the project to be finished in time for the football season.

Rohrbaugh said his firm will continue to look for other savings as the project moves forward.

DQ'd from stadium

The following items were among those cut from the Trojan Stadium project Wednesday night:

  • $46,190 in cuts were made to the concession area, including a food slicer and some refrigerators and freezers.

  • $71,341 was saved when a storage area under the bleachers was eliminated.

  • $ 35,000 was saved when the board decided not to replace lighting in the parking lot next to the gym.

  • $70,000 was saved by reducing the number of light fixtures on each mast from 36 to 30.
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