Starbucks is brewing in Chambersburg, Pa.

March 18, 2006|By DON AINES


For those Chambersburg residents thirsting for a double tall soy extra whipped cream mocha, the time has arrived.

Starbucks, the Seattle, Wash.-based purveyor of caffeinated and decaffeinated concoctions, was to open its doors this morning at the intersection of Lincoln Way East and Stouffer Avenue at the site of the former Roadster's Diner.

Friday evening, the business held a reception for area businesses, said State Manager Stacey Burns.

Her district includes 10 stores, some yet to open, but Starbucks Coffee Co. has more than 5,000 company-operated coffeehouses in the United States, about 1,200 more overseas and more than 4,600 locations that are licensed operations or joint ventures, according to the company Web site.

Even though the store was not yet open for business Friday, a few anxious coffee lovers stopped by to inquire about the opening. Burns said that has been a common occurrence since she and other associates began training in the store on Feb. 27.


Gina Goodine, a shift supervisor, stopped by to brew herself a cup and said she has been educating her palate to the different flavors over the past few weeks. With 35 million customers a day, according to a company fact sheet, there are a lot of different tastes to satisfy.

"Each coffee has a distinct flavor and each person has a favorite," Burns, who worked eight years at a Starbucks at Baltimore-Washington International Airport, said of the Latin American, African/Arabian, Asia/Pacific varieties and multi-regional brands offered at Starbucks. "It's like wine tasting," she said.

Starbucks, founded in 1971, offers cappuccinos, frappucinos, espressos, macchiatos, a baker's dozen of syrup flavors and seemingly endless ways to combine everything into the potable of each customer's choice. To make it a bit easier for the uninitiated to sort out the lingo, the store has copies of "Make It Your Drink," a pocket-size guide to Starbucks beverages.

Not everyone who comes through the doors will necessarily order something like a triple venti nonfat marble mocha macchiato.

District Manager Jackie Myers said it is a good place to relax with a regular cup of java, as well.

"It's a nice place to come and get a quality product in a clean environment and have fun," Burns said.

One other item of interest from the Web site: Starbucks is named for the first mate in Herman Melville's "Moby Dick."

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