March 14, 2006

Kenneth R. and Dana D. Sterner, west side Cleveland Avenue between Liberty and Jefferson streets, to Dean Darr and Michael Trainor, for $155,000.

Donovan N. and Betty J. Burger, 215-217 N. Mulberry St., Hagerstown, to Nabil and Maha Abdulah, for $100,000.

South Mountain Building Consultants LLC, 30 Jefferson St., Hagerstown, to Steven N. Edwards, for $300,861.

Mary E. Ecton, 4902-4904 Porterstown Road, Keedysville, to Michael W. Jr. and Stacey Smith, for $145,000.

Sherry L. Fravel-Bevan, 76 Devonshire Road, Hagerstown, to Todd L. and Laurie L. Thomas, for $185,000.

Diane E. Fleishman, 1210 Oak Hill Ave., Hagerstown, to Michael L. Gehr, for $215,000.

Sharon Geyer, 18510 Lappans Road, Boonsboro, to David E. and Juanita McCoy, for $275,000.

Masser Properties Inc., 620 Palm Beach Drive, Hagerstown, to Charlotte J. Perry and Lynn M. Lowry, for $310,000.

David M. and Ruann L. Salvatore, 13120 Clear Spring Road, Clear Spring, to Wuhan Chang Corp., for $450,000.


Joe F. Roberts Jr., 120-122 Ross St., Hagerstown, to James Spatz, for $144,900.

Jonan M. Meyer, 600 Guilford Ave., Hagerstown, to Trent A. Wolfkill, for $70,000.

Edward J. and Cathryn L. Lopez, 635 Oak Hill Ave., Hagerstown, to Kenneth and Candy D. Winton, for $518,000.

James H. and Nancy L. Snead, 950-952 Concord St., Hagerstown, to Raymond L. and Wendy M. Puglisi, for $200,000.

Anna Bainbridge, 249 N. Mulberry St., Hagerstown, to Roger A. and Carole T. Smith, for $108,900.

Jodi F. Karlin, 36 Atlantic Drive, Hagerstown, to MaryAnn K. Snyder, for $152,000.

Brian J. and Amy C. Neely, 17222 Amber Drive, Hagerstown, to Chuan Y and Cindy Hsu, for $255,000.

Russell L. Evans, 14637 Blairs Valley Road, Clear Spring, to Mark A. and Terry L. Younker, for $274,900.

James Elliott McNamee, 324 Belview Ave., Hagerstown, to Howard U. and Cynthia Baker, for $179,900.

David M. and Jennifer E. Karn, 238 Mealey Parkway, Hagerstown, to Kathleen Fulmer, for $189,900.

Gary Franklin, 15905 Rhododendron Drive, Hagerstown, to Betty Lou Morris, for $275,000.

Frederick D. and Helen C. Geretson, 5 acres along Toyer Road, Keedysville, to Thomas S. Davis, for $40,000.

Roger L. Sr. and Patrica A. Line, west side of Alexander Street, lot 31, to Frederick Lee Pulliam, for $169,900.

Brian A. Kane, P.R. for estate of Justin N. Scharf, Trovinger Mill Road, Hagerstown, to Churchey Group III LLC, for $900,000.

Mansoor and Janet Emral Shaool, 11003 Sasha Blvd., Hagerstown, to Cool Ridge Corporation Inc., to Gerhard H. Glocker, for $775,000.

James F. and Terry Miller, Trovinger Mill Road, Hagerstown, to Alfred A. Labib, for $300,000.

Donald Lee Buchanan and Johnny Lee Buchanan, 90 acres on Pole Cat Hollow Road, Clear Spring, to Washington County Sportsmen Inc., $320,000.

Equity Homes LLC, a Virginia Limited Liability Co., Braeburn west, lot 10, to Patricia A. and John C. Bellistri, for $760,701.

David W. and Wendy K. Golden, 104 Sara Circle, Smithsburg, to Gerald F. Jr. and Marcie L. Moroney, for $294,500.

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