Terps aren't the only ones who missed mark

March 14, 2006|by TIM KOELBLE

After the announcement of the NCAA Tournament pairings on Sunday, which left Maryland out in the cold following its 19-12 season, you knew the Terps were a pretty good bet to get a bid to the National Invitation Tournament, better known as the Nobody Interested Tournament.

It didn't take long for the crying to start following the NCAA's announcement of its 65-team field.

Maryland coach Gary Williams was miffed over the fact that Arizona and Wisconsin, teams with similar records as the Terps, each gained a spot in March Madness.

"Interesting. What makes them better than us? I don't know," Williams said Sunday. "For whatever reason, our 19-12 wasn't as good as Arizona's record or Wisconsin's record."

At least Cincinnati's Andy Kennedy had a reason his Bearcats weren't selected at 19-12. That would have been nine teams from the Big East Conference, and it is the policy of the NCAA that teams from the same conference will not meet during the regionals.


Hey Gary, maybe your 2002 national championship doesn't carry as much weight as Billy Packer suggests it should with the NCAA selection committee.

During Sunday's Ohio State-Iowa game on CBS, Packer made the observation that the selection committee should take into account the performance of tournament teams over the past five years. To me, that comment is another reason why Packer should be hoisted away from the microphone.

Hey Gary, maybe your team was one of the eight teams in the Atlantic Coast Conference that wasn't really good enough this year. Maybe it was a team that underachieved. After all, the once-mighty ACC has yielded to the Big East and Big Ten as the perennial powerhouse conference.

It's too bad Gary Williams' coaching peer at North Carolina, Roy Williams, didn't sit in on the selection process. Then again, things didn't unfold as Roy Williams suggested they should, based on his recent comments.

"I think Florida State's in the tournament - at 9-7 in the ACC, if that's not good enough, then we need to rethink some things," Williams said before the start of the ACC Tournament. He went on to make a case for Maryland for one of the 34 at-large spots, pointing out some of the Terrapins' losses, including two to North Carolina, two to Duke, one to George Washington and one at Temple.

Roy Williams then said, "The Knicks could get beat at Temple, the Lakers could lose at Temple."

C'mon coach, get real.

Roy Williams did, however, forget to include a loss to Gonzaga.

I was listening to Sunday's Duke-Boston College game on the radio as I returned home from a round of golf. Tony Roberts, an announcer for Westwood One, was doing the play-by-play. When J.J. Redick went on a 3-point tear, Roberts made the comment that "Redick had no care for the NBA."

At any rate, Gary Williams will be crying the blues, Roy Williams' bold prediction for the Terps was unfounded, Packer doesn't make any sense and I'm sure Redick would like to taste the NBA waters.

Tim Koelble is a staff writer for The Morning Herald. His column appears every other Tuesday. He can be reached at 301-733-5131, ext. 2311, or by e-mail at

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