Inherited tastes

March 14, 2006|By NELL BARBER

Pop open your stereo. Press the power button on your mp3 player. Open iTunes on your computer's desktop. What do you see? Is it the same as what your parents would see in their playlists?

An informal poll in mid-February at Valley Mall says "yes."

Jonathan Leopold, 17, of Smithsburg High School, might be listening to Metallica or Led Zepplin.

"I listen to all the same music as my mom," he said.

Jonathan isn't the only one whose headphones blare the same tune as his parents'. Mariah Ryan and Mike Hensley, both 14-year-old Warm Springs Middle School students, listen to bands that their parents like - such as AC/DC - but are also into some newer bands such as Nickelback.

AC/DC is popular among the kids who talked about their music. At least five other teens named the heavy metal rockers when asked what they listen to. These include Relient K fans Dean and Hunter Branham, both 15 and students at South Hagerstown High School, and Brandie Dewitt, 18, a student at Shepherd University. Brandie also says she likes the Beatles. But as she said this, one of the Branham brothers interrupted her: "You don't like the Beatles! Name one song."


April Meyers, a 17-year-old senior at Washington County Technical High School, said, "I listen to everything my mom did. I listen to country, I listen to everything."

Of course, there are people such as John Barth, 17, wearing an Insane Clown Posse T-shirt on the day he talked about his favorite bands. John said his music tastes are absolutely nothing like those of his family. While his mother listens to religious music, he said he prefers to rock out to the band on his shirt. A friend disagreed.

"He likes Garth Brooks," she said. "He just puts on that shirt."

Around the mall, many band T-shirts were seen advertising Guns N' Roses, Cradle of Filth and Green Day.

Andrew Maldonado, 15, isn't into the same tunes as his parents at all. He's a fan of Cradle of Filth and hard-core music.

"It's like screaming," he says. "It's just good music."

Walking with Andrew is 13-year-old Elise Sweney, of E. Russell Hicks Middle School. She does have a few similar tastes to her parents, such as the classic rock group Led Zepplin.

With the exception of a few, many local teens and their parents find their CD cases filled with similar names.

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