Hampshire Co. resident seeks 51st District seat

March 10, 2006|by TRISH RUDDER

Running on a campaign slogan of "no more empty promises," George L. Sneathen of Delray, W.Va., in Hampshire County announced he is seeking election to the West Virginia House of Delegates 51st District.

Charles S. Trump IV, R-Morgan, currently holds the seat, but announced he will not run for re-election in November. The district includes Morgan County and part of Hampshire County.

Sneathen, a Republican, said many issues need to be addressed in Morgan and Hampshire counties, and the primary one is to "bring the voice of the people back to the citizens."

"A true representative is supposed to have his ear to the constituents. I wish to bring this back," Sneathen said. He said he will offer accountability for his voting actions.


Sneathen, 47, said he wants to set up a communications network by using e-mail or telephone calls to alert people of upcoming issues.

He said decisions are made without people knowing. Sneathen said a building code was passed in Hampshire County that requires more inspections to see if codes are being met. He said builders are complaining that this slows down construction.

A lot of people in Hampshire County are employed in construction, he said.

He said Berkeley Springs is the central hub in Morgan County and there are many concerns, including the truck traffic on U.S. 522 and the proposed bypass.

He said he wants to bring unity to the 51st District.

Sneathen said he is "pro-life and against eminent domain." He said he supports any idea that could possibly "provide our young people with an improved educational opportunity."

He said he also is an "advocate for family services and the proper care of the elderly."

Sneathen said he has been a public servant for 28 years, with more than 15 years as an officer with the Maryland Division of Corrections. He is a captain with the Western Correctional Institution in Cumberland, Md.

Sneathen said he has a background in public safety education. He is a certified firefighter, emergency medical technician, a Maryland emergency management agency instructor, and he is the former director of the Western Correctional Training Academy at Allegany College in Cumberland.

Five other candidates are running for the 51st District seat. Three Morgan County candidates are Democrats Robert L. "Bob" Ford and Gary Lee Nelson, and Republican Daryl E. Cowles. Two other Hampshire County candidates are Republican Abby Chapple and Democrat Charles Downey Evert.

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