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March 09, 2006|by SUSIE HOFFMAN

Spring's just around the corner

Less than two weeks and counting! Spring will be here on the 20th of this month and let me tell you sweet Mother Nature has been throwing us a teaser or two. I will take it. You all know what that means ... ah, yes ... spring cleaning! If you get a jump on it and take one room a week, before you know it ... it is done before the weather gets too warm (and mind you, I am one to never ever complain about it being too warm!)

Let's take a peek at what is going on in and around Funks-town.

Dr. Seuss Day was a great day

Dr. Seuss Day last week was a huge success! Books were read throughout the day at school and his life was celebrated. We always have a party at our house, complete with a cake to commerate this most extraordinary writer.


The thought behind his writing technique was to limit the number of words used so that even the early readers could master his books and to make reading fun!

Well, Dr. Seuss, you have indeed succeded!

Reminder to parents

A quick reminder about the traffic for drop-off and pick- up at the school. Congestion seems to be at its worst between 8 a.m. and 8:05 a.m. Keeping in mind that 8 a.m. is the earliest students can be dropped off, Ms. Burger would like to encourage some parents to stagger their dropoff to between 8:05 and 8:15 a.m. to eleviate some of the jams we have had recently (and not the good kind with toast).

Early dismissal

Don't forget, Friday of this week there is a two-and-one- half hour early dismissal. Be sure to make plans to accommodate this!

Jump Rope for Heart a success

Let's talk about heart ... I am known to say that Funks-town is one of the smallest communities with the largest heart. Well, we proved it again. Jump Rope for Heart was last week and after all the fun was had and the exercise was completed, our school raised more than $2,700 for the American Heart Association. What a fabulous job! A speacial thanks to Ms. Wagner for organizing and seeing to fruition this most worthwhile activity!

PTA looking for new officers

Calling all volunteers. The PTA executive committee is seeking individuals who might be willing to serve. Nominations for officers is open and I encourage you to get involved. Please contact the school for more information. Nominations will be accepted until March 28.

Students honored for good behavior

Take a bow ... stand up and be recognized ... the following students received Character Counts! awards for last month and they deserve to be recognized.

Great job: Duncan, Travis, Kordell, Hannahgrace, Angelyc, Brett, Kaiden, Jakob, Calvin, Emanhi, Talick, Hannah, William, Matthew, Chase, Alicia, Belky, Grace, Noah, Jake, Marcus, Cortney, Olivia, Javya, Christina, Ryan, Anatasia, Margaret, Ben, Kyle, Jordan, Deandre, Austin, Colby, Emily, Amanda, Hale, Cassandra, Alex, Sean, Luke, Sam, Molly, Killana, Brandon, Colton, MacKenzie, Jade, Krystal, Ansleigh, Jordan, Sky, Natalie, Chelsea, Logan, Colt (this one is mine!), Bradley, Emily, Katelyn, Ashly, Alexis and Sarah! Fabulous job, everyone ... be sure to tell them how proud you are of their exemplary behavior!

Fire company plans barbecue

Crocuses, baseball practices, opening a window or two, the much needed and not so looked forward to spring cleaning ... all these things are sure signs of spring ... want to know another?

The aroma making its way up the hill and into our town ... the good smell ... the one from the fire company. I can always tell when better weather is soon to come. The Funkstown Volunteer Fire Company fires up the barbecue grill and gets things rolling.

On Saturday, March 25, the fire company will hold its chicken barbecue, open pit beef and ham sandwich sale from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. You know the drill by now; you can buy just the chicken, beef or sandwich or you can go ahead and get the whole dinner, which is a great deal! The cost is very reasonable and does go to a good cause. Carry-out is available. So go ahead, do something good for your family and community!

Food for the soul:

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work."

Susie's to do list

1.) Start stripping wallpaper in the front hall.

2.) Dust off lamp shades and tops of pictures.

3.) Check the fluids in the cars.

4.) Dig out the lightweight spring jackets.

5.) Celebrate the children's achievements and awards with a special dessert.

6.) Be sure to encourage hard work and talk to the children about the different jobs people have and how they impact our lives.

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