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March 02, 2006|by ANN WEATHERHOLT

Girls soccer a good story

Good news of great accomplishments cannot be reported enough! Hence, though this paper already gave an excellent report on the formation of a new girls' soccer team in Hancock, I am going to repeat some of the information!

Congratulations to Karen Sornson and her group of girls, who raised $8,700 to help fund the start-up of girls soccer in Hancock!

About 10 girls and their parents committed themselves to this daunting task, and between the generosity of many local businesses and some hard work selling food at games and sponsoring raffles, the girls were able to raise the amount needed to purchase equipment, such as goals, uniforms and regulation soccer balls.


School Board President Edward Forrest came to Hancock for a ceremony which was held last Thursday in the cafeteria at Hancock Middle/Senior High School. He congratulated the girls on their efforts and promised to do what he could to make sure the plans for this new team go smoothly through the remaining "hoops" (oops, should I say, goals?), in order to be fully approved and functioning next fall. A tentative schedule has been set.

These girls have already been playing soccer in various local leagues, keeping their parents "on the go" to games outside town. For all who sometimes think Hancock is "on the bottom" when it comes to schools or interest in youth, just take a look at this achievement!

Ash Wednesday services planned

Today is Ash Wednesday on the Christian calendar. Like the first day of many holy seasons such as Ramadan and Rosh Hashanah, this is a day of special rituals and services.

Many Christian churches hold a service which includes the marking of a cross on the foreheads of worshippers using ashes made from last year's Palm Sunday palms. "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust" the worshippers are reminded. We are mortal, formed of the earth. Even before scientists were able to recognize the chemicals that made up the human body, people somehow knew that our bodies are made of the same dirt of the ground - silica, water, base metals - and that the body eventually decays into dust.

What "makes us human" however, is unknown, not measurable, yet profoundly "real," as we are self-aware, able to communicate in symbols, able to imagine the future and remember the past.

Ash Wednesday ushers in a 40-day period called "Lent," a time of preparation for Easter Day.

Today, services will be held in local churches, including St. Thomas' Episcopal Church and St. Peter's Catholic Church. For details about this evening's services, call your local church and ask for information!

Harvest for Hungry marks 20th year

This year is the 20th Anniversary of Harvest for the Hungry, a way each of us can help restock the food banks in our area.

The U.S. Postal Service and the Boy Scouts of America are teaming up to collect canned foods next week March 4-11.

You may leave a bag of nonperishable food on your door knob or drop your donations off at the Hancock Post Office on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Our local Curves fitness club is also participating in the food drive. Members can leave donations there as well.

The following is a list of items that together would help feed a family of four for one week: four cans of fruit, four cans of vegetables, four cans of meat or pasta, four boxes of macaroni and cheese, one jar of peanut butter, two cans of tomato sauce, and two boxes of spaghetti. Don't forget a bottle of dishwashing liquid, a couple of bars of soap and a few sponges!

Polar Plunge raises $2,000

Last Saturday marked the fourth annual Polar Plunge to benefit the Winter Emergency Fund of the Interfaith Service Coalition.

Organized by local disc jockeys Jamie Wheeler and Zach Burnett, the event was again held at the lake on the grounds of Tonoloway Rod and Gun Club.

A nice crowd of spectators was on hand as more than a dozen "plungers" generously braved the icy waters for a great cause. Jamie reports that their efforts were again very fruitful, raising well over $2,000 to help local needy households finish out the cold weather weeks. Well done, everyone!

Basketball season officially over

The official basketball season is over for both the boys and girls teams this year.

The boys faced their final game at Boonsboro last Saturday and although they were only behind two points at the half, were not able to prevail at the end. A couple of the junior varsity players added a little extra spice to the game, helping the team which had been pared down due to injury.

The girls beat Clear Spring, then took to the road to Thurmont on Monday to meet the Catoctin Cougars. The Cougars are the region's top team and defeated the Lady Panthers.

Having a son on the team this year meant my husband and I traveled to almost all the games and watched the team lose more than they won.

I must say, however, that learning to lose with grace is a skill that these young men have gained this year. They have learned that their character and dignity are not diminished by the numbers on the board.

Certainly, frustration can threaten to warp their view of the game. However, it is also important to separate the game from the love of sport and remember that one is only a "loser" when giving in to negative emotions and resentment.

March on, guys, and keep the memories of a game well-played to the best of your ability!

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