'Our party right or wrong' won't cut it

February 26, 2006|By Jonathan R. Burrs, Hagerstown

To the editor:

After reading a recent letter, it is quite obvious that many of the people who supported President Bush going into Iraq on the basis of some sort of connection between Saddam Hussein and Islamic fundamentalists have no idea of what is actually going on in the Middle East. History supported by facts is showing us that the Bush administration flat out lied and abused its power.

Aside from the issue that there was never a connection between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden himself viewed the Iraqi government under Saddam as being a socialist government. Unlike the Taliban, Saddam did not form his government based on Islam - instead, he followed in the footsteps of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin!

When Saddam invaded Kuwait in the early '90s at a time when he had the world's fourth largest military, we went to war not only to expel Saddam's military from Kuwait, but to also confront Saddam's Hitler-type ambitions.


As a result, Saddam lost over 33 percent of his military. The elder President Bush opted not to go into Baghdad in 1991 because it was not authorized under the resolution he received from the United Nations. Also, his administration and its advisors could cite "no viable exit strategy." History tells us that George W. did not receive authorization for any action in Iraq in 2002.

The same reasons why a Donald Rumsfeld-like shock and awe campaign was not used in 1991 is the same reason the U.S. is still in Iraq today! There is no exit strategy, largely due to Middle Eastern countries views of outside occupation. These are historical facts, not fiction.

Nor are these opinions by some uninformed reader who has bought into the propaganda of the Bush administration's fabricated reasons to invade Iraq.

Furthermore if people had seen the most recent "CNN Presents" broadcast about how the Bush administration fixed intelligence around policy to invade Iraq, then maybe, just maybe, their opinions would be different.

Republicans must get away from this loyal, "support any agenda of our elected officials simply because they are Republican" idea. If the agendas are wrong we should not support them! No one in the party wants to say the obvious - invading Iraq was premature, the plan was screwed up from the start, and President Bush is a horrible wartime president. He's nothing like his father, whom I proudly served under from 1989 to 1993.

Something has got to change, and I mean really soon. We have young men and women dying daily as a result of poor leadership. This will continue until something changes. For all those who believe victory is soon to come, I only hope your life expectancy is more than 500 years, because that's exactly how long Middle Eastern countries will fight this type of occupation.

Furthermore, there is never a true winner in war, only degrees of losing!

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