Oliver's Pub Restaurant reopens

February 25, 2006|By ANDREW SCHOTZ


Oliver's Pub Restaurant in Longmeadow Shopping Center was shut down for five days because of health-code violations, but reopened after the problems were fixed, the Washington County Health Department said Friday.

A reported based on a Feb. 17 inspection listed 14 violations, many of them concerning cleanliness. One violation was listed as major: rodent droppings observed on a 5-pound bag of graham cracker crumbs. The bag, which appeared to be chewed open, was discarded, the report says.

The restaurant's state food service facility license was suspended as of 5 p.m. on Feb. 17, while the restaurant was open. Health Department spokesman Rod MacRae said customers were allowed to finish their meals before the restaurant shut down.


"It was not just that one particular violation, but rather the totality of the violations," MacRae said. Inspectors didn't think the restaurant could stay open while it fixed the problems, he said.

The Health Department reinspected Oliver's on Wednesday and found that most violations - including the worst ones - were fixed, MacRae said.

The restaurant's license was reinstated as of noon on Wednesday, according to a follow-up inspection report.

"We got good cooperation from the owners and they did clean everything up," MacRae said.

The Health Department inspects many food-service businesses and operations a month. Few establishments earn a perfect score, MacRae said.

Donald Olson, who is listed as the operator of Oliver's, didn't return a phone message left at the restaurant Friday afternoon.

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