The doctor is in for new puzzle game

February 21, 2006|by ROBERT KELLER

Dr. Mario returns from his old classic game on NES (Nintendo) for the first time - as part of "Dr. Mario/Puzzle League."

Dr. Mario is a one- or two-player game that revives the old game. The graphics are much more enhanced, and there are a few extra options. You can choose to play the classic mode - against the computer - or flash mode.

In classic mode, you play like the original game and try to defeat viruses by matching them with the same color. In this mode, you play to win.

In flash mode, your object is to try to clear the flashing viruses against the computer. You can choose music modes such as Fever, Chill or Cough.


"Puzzle League" is a puzzle game in which you have a cursor that goes left to right, and you are trying to switch blocks to try to clear three, four, five or more blocks. Or you can create chains.

One-player mode gives you a list of options. If you choose Marathon, you continue to play until you lose, which is when you are forced to the top of the screen. If you earn a certain amount of points, then you get a special surprise.

Timed mode gives you two minutes to try to get the best score you can. Line mode is where there is a line that all blocks must be under to win that round. Round No. 5 is when you must empty a bar by clearing blocks.

In Garbage mode, you get garbage thrown on you, and you have to get the highest score before you get smothered. As you get higher up in levels, the garbage falls even more.

The last mode is puzzle mode. You have a certain amount of moves to clear all of the blocks on the board.

You also can link up, or learn the game in tutorial. This game will give your fingers a test.

"Dr. Mario/Puzzle League" is rated E for Everyone. It is created by Nintendo. Keep your brain thinking and those thumbs moving!

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