Cheap but hearty belly laughs in 'Date Movie'

February 21, 2006|by NELL BARBER and FEDORA COPLEY


In the romance parody "Date Movie," Julia Jones (Alyson Hannigan) is an overweight, hopeless romantic in search of her Prince Charming. After a miraculous change in appearance thanks to a group of car mechanics, she finds her prince, Grant Fonkyerdoder (Adam Campbell). As their romance progresses, they are followed by a whirlwind of comedic movie spoofs based on "Meet the Fockers," "Hitch," "Say Anything," "Lord of the Rings" and countless others.

Nell: While Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer's "Date Movie" certainly has a lot of hilarious parts, and I enjoy the many movie spoofs, the film is full of incredibly juvenile, simple humor. That being said, it is done well for what it is - a random and slightly gross comedy. It's not more than something for laughs.

Fedora: Spoof movies must have a certain amount of stupidity to be funny. The makers of "Date Movie" do a great job including as many parodies as possible and moving seamlessly from one to the next.


Spoofs can be hysterical, or they can just be dumb. This one, although shallow and unnecessarily gross, is done well. At times, I found myself laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. The parodies are just too unexpected and funny not to love them.

The acting in the film is well done, though I was disappointed with Hannigan's repetitive facial expressions.

Nell: Sets and costumes vary throughout the movie, from parody to parody. Most of them are pretty accurate to help mock the source material. Notable among the costumes are a ridiculous wedding dress and several skimpy bathing suits. The soundtrack also works well.

Fedora: If you're looking for a laugh, and have seen a broad spectrum of movies, this might be the movie for you. But don't come expecting clever lines and subtle snickers. The humor is broad, sometimes physical (maybe even crass) and generic. With this in mind, it's a fun movie to see.

The reviewers

Fedora Copley, 13, is a home-schoolerliving in Hagerstown. She likes to travel.

Nell Barber, 12, is a home-schooler from Keedysville who enjoys drawing and writing fiction.

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