Airport manager serves on federal oversight committee

February 19, 2006

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta recently appointed Hagerstown Regional Airport Manager Carolyn Motz to the federal Airport Cooperative Research Program Oversight Committee.

The Airport Cooperative Research Program will carry out applied research on problems that are shared by airport operating agencies and are not being adequately addressed by existing federal research programs.

The need for ACRP was based on a study sponsored by the Federal Aviation Administration. Motz was a member of the panel conducting the original study.

ACRP, sponsored by the FAA and managed by the National Academy of Sciences through the Transportation Research Board, will undertake research and other technical activities in a variety of airport subject areas.


Those areas include design, construction, maintenance, operations, safety, security, policy, planning, human resources and administration.

Motz recently met with the oversight committee, which is the governing board of the ACRP, at the National Academy in Washington.

The group established operating procedures and prioritized research needs, authorizing 24 grants totaling $7,090,000 in airport research funding from more than 400 projects.

Motz was chosen to provide a perspective on nonhub and general aviation airports, according to a prepared release.

The governing board considered 118 projects in the fields of administration, environment, policy and planning, safety, security, human resources, design, construction, maintenance, operations and special projects.

Rating criteria included questions concerning importance of the problem to airport operators; whether the problem is researchable and timely; whether it will produce significant benefits; and whether it holds a high probability of success.

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