February 17, 2006

Diane Margaret Mills, 1349 Cedarwood Drive, Hagerstown, to Patrick Rossiter and Annette Heavener, for $215,000.

Teresa and Douglas L. Sales Sr., 16214 McGregor Drive, Hagerstown, to James E. Ellis, for $128,500.

Carriage Hill LLC, 10349 Bridle Court, Hagerstown, to Brooke and Srinvasa Vemuri, for $254,446.

M.R. Conrad Investments LLC, 18811 Island Drive, Hagerstown, to Chad E. and Susan E. Hudson, for $440, 630.

David R. and Katherine H. Moore, 1057 Carroll Heights Blvd., Hagerstown, to Patricia Dunn, for $159,900.

Ursula Spiegler, 1042 Brinker Drive, Hagerstown, to Seth Kaufmann, for $117,500.

Churchey Group II LLC, 1840 Meridian Drive, Hagerstown, to Jean E. Caha, for $332,047.

Robert B. and Charlotte Fahey O'Kane, 10007 White Hall Road, Hagerstown, to James M. and Amy L. Stattel, for $342,500.

Robert G. and Elizabeth Stacy Hurley, 37 W. Baltimore St., Funkstown, to Alan A. and Amy E. Miller, for $300,000.

Edna Mae Turner, 47 Fairgrounds Ave., Hagerstown, to Richard L. and Kathy F. Johnson, for $145,000.


Michael R. Ivosevich, 1229 Pinecrest Ave., Hagerstown, Dennis W. Jr. and Cherie L. Lushbaugh, for $161,000.

Eli Landy, 313-315 Mitchell Ave., Hagerstown, to Christian J. and Doina Moulin, for $150,000.

Dan Ryan Builders Inc., 14125 Shelby Circle, Hagerstown, to Chunqins Lei, for $231,040.

DRB Financial Corporation, 29 Yankee Drive, Keedysville, to Lydia Aleshin and Kenneth A. Guendel, for $364,800.

Dan Ryan Builders Inc., 1921 St. Roberts Drive, Hagerstown, to John R. Martucci and Gaye J. Eckenrode, for $336,207.

Dan Ryan Builders Inc., 14127 Shelby Circle, Hagerstown, to Hong Gang Li, for $231,040.

Nicoleta C. Radoi and Dragos G. Barac, 25 Sumter Drive, Keedysville, to Luk A. and Malgosia A. Muller, for $452,500.

Cortland Villas LLC, 13042 Hawkins Circle, Hagerstown, to Ronald L. and Georgene M. Chanles, for $537,475.

Brian Keith Burger, 1325 Lindsay Lane, Hagerstown, to Mark A. Croner, for $239,000.

Estate of Daniel Forsythe, estate #57980, 9406 Downsville Pike, Williamsport, to Wayne E. Kriner Jr., for $212,000.

Jason P. and Rachel C. Lombardo, 13547 Pulaski Drive, Hagerstown, to Bernard C. Grandison, for $420,000.

Brian S. Hagins, 13815 Distant View Ave., Maugansville, to Stefanie A. and Wayne L. Hart, for $194,900.

Eugene S. Albert Jr., 1132 Lawton Lane, Hagerstown, to John and Erica Feeley, for $147,000.

H.F. Payne Construction Co. Inc., 12214 Bucky Ave., Hagerstown, to Glenn R. Ruehl, for $272,000.

John and Cynthia A. Ambrose, 114 Jason's Ridge, Smithsburg, to Ryan A. and Alyson M. McQuillen, for $166,000.

Steven M. and Wendy J. Fauber, 12120 Heather Drive, Hagerstown, to Mary Evelyn Ecton and Wanda Kay Reeder, for $120,000.

Richard W. and Susan E. Wolfe, 628 Weverton Road, Knoxville, to Mike and Rosane Gooding, for $215,000.

Dan Ryan Builders Inc., 3694 Stone Row Lane, Rohrersville, to Pamela A. Placek, for $375,000.

Ausherman Homes Inc., 15 Zachary Court, Boonsboro, to Sidhant K. and Heather Nanda, for $455,750.

Ausherman Homes Inc., 14 Zachary Court, Boonsboro, to Kim Koerting, for $411,650.

Ausherman Homes Inc., 18314 Misty Acres Drive, Hagerstown, to Yvonne Clarke, for $411,875.

D. R. Horton Inc., 20627 Wilderness Run Road, Boonsboro, to Gary D. Markle and JoAnne Stacho, for $950,000.

D. R. Horton Inc., 20525 Wilderness Run Road, Boonsboro, to Sidney and Karen L. Cochran, for $793,463.

D. R. Horton Inc., 19503 Waneta Drive, Boonsboro, to Barbara Lee and Steven R. Russell, for $774,005.

Brian "Rusty" and Stacy Ann Shaffer, 7917 Old National Pike, Boonsboro, to James G. and Leslie A. Cochran, for $295,000.

Nicholas and Susan Aravanis, 23420 Leathers Road, Smithsburg, to Robert D. and Judith A. Lumsden, for $499,900.

Admar Construction Inc., Admar Custom Homes Inc., 13557 Halifax Drive, Hagerstown, to Jeffrey L. and Jody A. Bishop, for $416,632.

Betty Lou Morris, 1060 W. Franklin St., Hagerstown, to Jeanne M. Brittingham, for $207,500.

Kurt D. Houpt and Thomas C. Houpt, 10785 S. Potomac St., Hagerstown, to Anna K. and Ronald D. Starliper, for $140,000.

Anthony and Patricia McDonald, 14053 Spickler Road, Clear Spring, to Timothy and Jennifer O'Neil, for $275,000.

Patrick A. Bachtell, 13655-13657 Kretsinger Road, Smithsburg, to Douglas A. and Teresa S. Bachtell, for $325,000.

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