Soil Conservation District holding annual tree sale

February 14, 2006

The Washington County Soil Conservation District is conducting its 18th annual tree sale until March 22.

The district has distributed more than 260,000 trees over the past 17 years.

A wide variety of evergreen, hardwood and ornamental trees will be offered, as well as varieties of peach and cherry trees.

The Lapins Cherry is self-pollinating and the Bing Cherry requires a different tree for proper pollination to produce cherries. The Lapins cherry is an excellent pollinator for the Bing Cherry, so purchasing one of each species will ensure good fruit production. Both varieties are sweet cherries.

Redhaven Peach trees may be purchased as single trees and will pollinate themselves.

Evergreen seedlings offered this year will be White Pine, Scotch Pine, Norway Spruce, Colorado Blue Spruce, Austrian Pine and Douglas Fir. All of these varieties will be 3-year seedlings. These seedlings will be sold in packs of 25 trees for $13 and range from 6 to 18 inches high depending on the species.


Transplant stock, which are older, larger, trees, are again being offered. These species include Eastern White Pine, Norway Spruce, Douglas Fir, American Arborvitae and Colorado Blue Spruce.

These trees are four to five years old and range from 8 inches to 36 inches tall. They will be sold in packs of 10 for $18 to $22, depending on the variety.

Hardwoods available are Red Oak, English Walnut, and Sugar Maple. The Red Oak is available in two sizes, 24 to 36 inches high and 4 to 5 feet high. The Sugar Maple is also available in two sizes, 24 to 36 inches and 3 to 4 feet. Both are sold in packs of 10. The English Walnut trees are sold as single trees 4 foot in height for $13 each.

Ornamental trees offered this year are Thunderchild, a pink flowering variety of crab apple; and Candied Apple, a weeping pink variety. Both are 4 to 5 feet high and sell for $15 each. Redspire Flowering Pear is again being offered, due to numerous requests for this hardy variety of the Bradford Pear. Individual 5-foot trees are available for $20. Two varieties of Lilac, Charles Jolly (double red) and Monge (dark purple) are available. Each are 2 to 3 feet high and cost $15 each. Both varieties are French hybrids. Northern Bayberry shrubs, 10 to 18 inches high, are available in packs of five for $5 per pack. The berries from these shrubs can be used for scenting candles.

Leyland Cypress trees will again be available for sale. These fast-growing trees are very popular for the home landscape because of their ability to produce an effective windbreak or screen in a shorter time than many other species. There are two sizes being offered: 2.5 to 3 feet high for $12 each and 3 to 4 feet for $20. These are potted trees; all the other varieties offered are bare root stock.

A selection of high quality wildlife products. Bird nest boxes for Eastern Bluebirds and Wrens are available for $15 to $16 each. A hanging bird feeder is available for $25. A large butterfly house is available for $32 to enhance the butterfly population around your property. All of these products feature stainless steel screws, aluminum hinges and are constructed of kiln dried cedar. Samples are available for customers to view at the Conservation District Office.

Fertilizer tablets, in packs of 25 and 50, are also available.

Anyone interested in purchasing trees or other materials should stop by the Soil Conservation District Office at Suite 101, 1260 Maryland Ave., Hagerstown, or phone 301-797-6821, ext. 3, to request an order form.

Trees will be available for pickup during early April in time for spring planting season.

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