Lord's work keeps Myers going, 20 years past retirement age

February 10, 2006|By MARLO BARNHART

If there is one thing Milton Myers says he has learned in his 85 years on this earth, it is that God is very much involved in his life.

Retired now, Myers said he was debating whether to stop working at 65 when he followed his heart and opened a new chapter of doing service within his Christian calling.

"The Lord has given me 20 years so far," Myers said.

A member of Park Road Bible Church since its beginnings nine years ago, Myers grew up in the Hagerstown Church of the Brethren. He attended a church on Chestnut Street before joining the Hagerstown Independent Church, which had formerly met at 146 S. Potomac St.


"There were only about 25 of us left so we decided to sell the building and put the money into mission work," Myers said. But then an offer came for a new building that was too good to pass up.

The 750 Park Road location had been a combination doctor/dentist office and the doctor donated his part of the building to the congregation, Myers said. Ronald Key, formerly a missionary to Brazil, became the pastor.

Nine years later, the Park Road congregation is still small but active. "One of our members even made the steeple," Myers said.

Like many other churches, Myers said Park Road is having difficulty attracting young people who want to pursue a fundamental style of religion which follows the King James version of the Bible.

The Park Road Bible Church's brochure says it can offer an atmosphere that is friendly and family-oriented as well as being true to the Bible and the whole gospel of Christ. Sunday activities include Sunday school at 9:30, morning worship at 10:45 and evening service at 6.

There is also a prayer service each Wednesday at 7 p.m.

A mechanic by trade, Myers worked at Fairchild Industries both before and after his military service during World War II in the Army Air Force.

It was during that postwar period when Myers met his wife, Amy, in what he described as a chance encounter that he firmly believes was meant to be.

"After the war, I was sent to a base near Tucson, Ariz., to be separated from the service," Myers said. One day he and a friend took a bus into town and then decided to "thumb" their way back to the base.

A car containing his future wife and her friends picked them up and gave them a ride back to the base.

"We had our 60th wedding anniversary in January," Myers said. The couple has four children, six grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

Once Myers and his wife returned to Hagerstown, he went to work in Philadelphia. "I would stay there all week and come home on the weekends," Myers said. "My room in Philadelphia cost $7 a week."

The rest of his working life was spent doing carpentry in the metropolitan area, then at Pangborn for six years and, finally, 14 years in security at the Internal Revenue Service Center in Martinsburg, W.Va.

Now Myers "works" for his church and is a member of the council. He also finds the time to compile and submit the weekly newspaper notices about the church's activities.

"We never miss church," Myers said. "Every day of the week is the same except Sunday and that's the day for church."

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