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February 09, 2006|by ANNE WEATHERHOLT

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day - the day for lovers - is coming up next Tuesday. The stores are full of pink and red decorations.

But red is also the color for those who wish to be aware of women's heart health! Heart disease is the number one killer of women - more than breast cancer, more than diabetes!

Most of us know the habits and choices that lead to heart health - diet, exercise, non-smoking. We also know the factors that contribute to heart disease - high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol.


But there are other factors that lead to a healthy heart that are found in the Bible! The word "heart" in the Bible is from the Hebrew word "leb" (sounds like a heartbeat doesn't it?) and the Greek word "kardia." More than just the physical organ, "leb" and "kardia" also meant the personality, moral will, conscience, the seat of emotions. Thus, a prayer to "create in me a clean heart" meant an overall rehabilitation.

Heart healthy habits from the Bible include forgiveness, which takes away the stress of anger; helping our neighbor, which directs positive emotions; and worship, which unlocks joy.

Recent scientific studies have shown that while praying, certain brain areas are stimulated. MRI's taken on Buddhist monks who are meditating show that parts of their brains are stimulated to produce relaxation, and other tests show benefits to the heart, blood vessels and lungs.

Dr. Matthew Hahn is going to be sponsoring a Health Challenge again this spring in Hancock. Maybe each pastor at our local churches can sponsor a heart-healthy campaign including prayer and worship to promote the essence of Valentine's Day - a healthy heart!

Breakfast in the Ballroom

The Hancock American Legion is sponsoring "Breakfast in the Ballroom" this Saturday from 7 to 11 a.m. The menu includes pancakes, eggs, potatoes, sausage, sausage gravy and orange juice. The Legion is at 240 E. Main St., and the public is invited. They will also be sponsoring a Valentine's Day Dinner that same evening. This will be a couple's special with prime rib, crab cakes and steamed shrimp. Call 301-678-6723 to make your reservations for this one great price for one appetizer, two entrees and one dessert feast! Then plan to stay for a dance from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. with D.J. Scorpion at $8 per couple and $5 per single. What a day at the Legion!

Little League registration

Hancock Little League will hold registration for the 2006 season on Friday, Feb. 17, from 6 to 8 p.m. and Saturday, Feb. 18, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Hancock Community Center.

Little League baseball is offered for anyone who will be at least 5 years old by April 30 and no older than 16 by April 30. A registration fee will be charged. Bring birth certificate and proof of residency. For more information, call 301-678-7648.

Friendship Banquet

The Friendship Banquet, sponsored by St. Thomas' Episcopal Church will be the highlight of the weekend and a helpful fundraiser for the historic church. Tickets are $12.50 and may be obtained by contacting the church office at 301-678-6569. The meal includes dessert plus some music and an auction of donated items. St. Thomas' has recently undertaken a welcome project to provide ramps to assist those who find the many steps from the street to the front door daunting. Another ramp is planned for the future to make the Parish Hall equally accessible, but funds must be raised! Come on out for a wholesome evening and help!

Player of the Month

Hancock basketball player Jennifer Willison was recently featured as WHAG-TV's "Player of the Month." What they did not have time to mention is that Jennifer was one of several students whose siblings were also outstanding student-athletes. While Jennifer has earned her honor well in her own right, credit must be also given to her family, especially her supportive parents and her older brother, Jeff, who helped anchor Hancock's winning 2004-05 basketball team. Jennifer, we are so proud that one of our Hancock students is honored throughout the county!

Band students honored

Four of our Hancock Band students were selected for the 2005 Honor Band Festival at Frostburg State University. They performed on Dec. 11 in a concert directed by Elizabeth Schultze, the conductor of the Maryland Symphony Orchestra, based in Hagers-town. David Weller performed on the saxophone, Zach Brown on percussion, Jill Helmsteter on clarinet and Patty Tasker on flute. More than 150 of the best musicians from 25 high schools in three states took part. Micah Socks, a 2005 graduate of the music program at Frostburg, directs the instrumental program at Hancock Middle-Senior High School and helped prepare the students for their auditions and performance.

Band to hold sandwich sale

Speaking of the Hancock Panthers Band, they will be hosting a sandwich sale this next week. Two different kinds are available - ham and cheese and turkey and cheese. The sandwiches will be on a Kaiser roll and are $3 each. You may contact any band member to place an order! The sandwiches will be delivered on Friday, Feb. 17.

Winter Fest reminder

Of course, I want to remind you about the Hancock Winter Festival This Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Widmeyer Park. Although it looks like there won't be any snow, except maybe a few flurries, this a great excuse to get outside, play in the sand with some kids, enjoy some great local food, hear some music, and generally have a great time with your fellow citizens. Don't miss it!

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