Blast from the past

February 08, 2006

Week of Feb. 5, 1956

Ice skates are just about as scarce as watermelon in Hagerstown today. If you don't believe us, just try to buy a pair.

We checked a half dozen or more stores, including a couple of wholesalers, and all said, "Sorry, we no longer stock."

One dealer explained that for five years he didn't have a single call for a pair of skates while they were collecting dust in his storage bins.

The Hancock fruit belt and the orchardists there who produce the finest apples and peaches to be found anywhere in the world, have been getting more and more recognition in recent years.


Stanley M. Fulton, a leading fruit grower at Hancock, was selected last year by all the apple and peach producers in Eastern United States to represent them on the National Research Committee on Deciduous Fruits and Tree Nuts.

The nation's First Lady yesterday contributed a crisp dollar bill to the "Mile of Dollars" being sponsored by the Williamsport Methodist Church for its Sunday School building fund.

Mrs. Elmer Dodd, 21 E. Salisbury St., Williamsport, received the dollar bill along with a gracious note from Mrs. Dwight D. Eisenhower in the mail yesterday.

Week of Feb. 5, 1981

After repeated delays, Washington County Hospital has finally received the green light from state health planners to proceed with its expansion project that now has a price tag of about $23 million.

The project includes a $14 million, four-story building that will house new operating rooms, a new emergency room, cardiac and intensive care units. The new building and renovations will add only 15 beds to the hospital's 400-bed capacity, but officials say the project will update and modernize facilities to provide better services.

The steel lighting towers at Hagerstown's Municipal Stadium are so "rusty" and "shaky" that the city might have to close the facility this spring to avoid a tragedy, city officials said Friday.

Mayor Pat Paddack said the need for new light towers is critical - not only because a minor league baseball team wants to use the 2,000-seat stadium, but because several community teams play night baseball and football there.

The last month of 1980 was a big one for marriage licenses at the clerk of court's office. Whether the result of coincidence or the start of a new trend, 184 licenses were issued in the last month of last year, the busiest December since 1972.

- Compiled by Jean Baraclough

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