Concerts spotlight All County musicians

February 06, 2006

Washington County Public Schools presented the 2006 All County Middle and High School Bands and Jazz Ensemble in concert Saturday at 7 p.m. at North Hagerstown High School.

Guest conductor for the middle school band was Richard Griffith, coordinator for Fauquier County (Va.) Public Schools.

The senior high school band was conducted by Stanley F. Michalski Jr., emeritus professor of music and conductor of bands at Clarion University of Pennsylvania.

Guest conductor for the jazz ensemble was Mark Cook of Shepherd University.

Students selected to perform were:

2006 All County Middle School Band

Flutes - Shannen Banzoff, Smithsburg Middle; Madison Bondoc, Northern Middle; Christine Brugh, Northern Middle; Joey Farmer, E. Russell Hicks; Heather Frost, Springfield Middle; Deanna Hudson, E. Russell Hicks; Jocelyn Kline, Hancock Middle; Tara Lansing , Springfield Middle; Alyssa Monninger, Boonsboro Middle; Kendra Smith, Western Heights; Laurin Smith, Boonsboro Middle; Megan Sneckenberger, E. Russell Hicks; Jennah Suder, Clear Spring Middle; Shannon Sullivan , Springfield Middle; Sarah Walters, Clear Spring Middle; Brittany Winders, Smithsburg Middle.


Clarinets - Michael Bain, Hancock Middle; Sarah Baxter, Clear Spring Middle; Jessica Brechbill , Springfield Middle; Stephanie Breen, Smithsburg Middle; Heaven Burkhammer, Clear Spring Middle; Mallory Crossland, Northern Middle; Daniel Dagenhart, Boonsboro Middle; Kristen Dick, Northern Middle; Megan Duckworth, E. Russell Hicks; Sydney Frazee, Clear Spring Middle; Justin Gandee, E. Russell Hicks; Allison Harrell, Northern Middle; Lauren Koenig, E. Russell Hicks; Randi Kretzer , Springfield Middle; Megan Long, Boonsboro Middle; Kaylee Monninger, Boonsboro Middle; Kaitlyn Pettit, E. Russell Hicks; Soha Qadir, Northern Middle; Caitlin Schultheis, Boonsboro Middle; Hanna Simane, Smithsburg Middle; Danielle Smith, Smithsburg Middle; Stephanie Smith , Springfield Middle; Amber St.Clair, Western Heights; Brittani Taylor , Springfield Middle; Jessica Van Fleet, Boonsboro Middle; Molly Warner, Western Heights; Katharine Waybright, E. Russell Hicks; Kristen Williams, Clear Spring Middle.

Oboe - Kalyn Berry, Springfield

Bass Clarinets - Courtney Boschert, Northern Middle; Brandon D'shen, Western Heights; Allison Flynn, Boonsboro Middle; Deanna Molnar , Springfield Middle; Brandy Starleper, E. Russell Hicks.

Alto Saxophones - Casey Butts, Hancock Middle; Christopher Cueto, Northern Middle; Brittany Heller, Springfield Middle; Robert Keller, Western Heights; Brooke Krocker, E. Russell Hicks; Elizabeth Leizear, Boonsboro Middle; Rebekah Minnick, Smithsburg Middle; Tyler Wirfs, E. Russell Hicks.

Tenor Saxophones - Ryan David, E. Russell Hicks; Evan Dennis, Smithsburg Middle; Amanda Fawley, Clear Spring Middle; Andrew Hoffman, Boonsboro Middle; Daniel Roza, Northern Middle; Elizabeth Smith , Springfield Middle.

Baritone Saxophones - Devin Cornish, Northern Middle; Joshua Gagnon , Springfield Middle; Bradley Reynolds, Smithsburg Middle; Kathryn Rodenburg, E. Russell Hicks.

Trumpets - Marcus Allnutt, Boonsboro Middle; Brent Baker , Springfield Middle; Allysen Breeden, Northern Middle; David Burkey, Northern Middle; Matthew DeTora, Boonsboro Middle; George Ferenz, E. Russell Hicks; Scott Haupt , Boonsboro Middle; Kacey Hughes, E. Russell Hicks; David Jobe, Northern Middle; Natasha Maiorana, Boonsboro Middle; Kristen Mitchell, Western Heights; Daniel Mott, Clear Spring Middle; Jon Myers , Springfield Middle; Tyler Palladino , Springfield Middle; Michael Powell, Hancock Middle; Nick Rowe, Western Heights; Kevin Schaefer, Clear Spring Middle; Benjamin Stone, E. Russell Hicks; Christopher Taylor, Smithsburg Middle; Logan True, Hancock Middle; Zachary Valko, Clear Spring Middle; Edward Waltz, Smithsburg Middle; Timothy Winebrenner, Boonsboro Middle; Casey Ymbert, Smithsburg Middle.

French Horns - Abigail Bauer, Smithsburg Middle; Kadeem Brim, E. Russell Hicks; Joshua Ernst, Clear Spring Middle; Amber Green, E. Russell Hicks; Jacquelyn Jenkins, Smithsburg Middle.

Trombones - David Adams, Boonsboro Middle; Kaitlyn Brummett, Clear Spring Middle; Jonathan Connors, Clear Spring Middle; Danielle Derflinger, Boonsboro Middle; Adam Eichelberger , Springfield Middle; Nicholas Harbaugh, Clear Spring Middle; Nicholas Harvey, Hancock Middle; Timothy Higgins, Northern Middle; Jonathan Hoffman, E. Russell Hicks; Arthur Lacey, Boonsboro Middle; Nathaniel Lease, Northern Middle; Ethan Martin, Hancock Middle; Timothy Mowen, E. Russell Hicks; Kristopher Nigh, Smithsburg Middle; Casey Rowland, Smithsburg Middle.

Baritones - David Albin, Northern Middle; Matthew Blair, Clear Spring Middle; Kara Burgan, E. Russell Hicks; Donald Brown, E. Russell Hicks.

Tubas - Edward Beachley, Northern Middle; Josalyn Smith, Northern Middle; Michael Sprecher, Clear Spring Middle; Shane Williams, E. Russell Hicks.

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