Students participate in Rising Stars program

February 06, 2006

Eighth-grade students from Mt. Aetna Elementary School recently had the opportunity to build upon their leadership, personality and character skills through the American Rising Stars program.

American Rising Stars is a youth leadership development program based on a program that has been successfully used in businesses for more than 25 years. The students learned how to set goals and develop plans to achieve them. The curriculum also helps to build self-esteem and increase academic performance, according to a press release from the school.

A key element of the Rising Stars process involved the integration of personal goals with forward thinking professional goals to serve as built-in motivation, according to the press release. The process helps young people turn potential into performance by developing their most valuable asset - themselves.

One of the highlights of the program was when the students shared the skills that they learned by participating in the program.


"I learned how to listen to people more," Patrick Salary said.

Shelby Lewis said she learned a lot about leaders and that to be a leader means to be respectful, honest and outgoing.

"In the Rising Star program, I've learned how to set my goals and reach for them. I also learned that leaders are made, not born," Imani Cherry said.

Jacobee Benoit said he learned that a leader needs to be bold, courageous, kind and empathetic.

Students receiving certificates of completion of the program included Jacobee Benoit, Laura Boyer, Imani Cherry, James Choi, Jessi Cowdrick, Bryan Flook, Sung Wook Hu, Arthur Kim, Shelby Lewis, Sebastian Nestares, Austin Owens, Christian Rubert, Patrick Salary, Jason Williams and Thomas Wright.

The program was brought to the school by Silvia Nestares of Nestares Associates, a process consulting group that specializes in helping individuals and organizations turn their potential into possibilities.

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