What Do You Think?

February 05, 2006

Last week's poll question was: Who should the Hagerstown City Council select as the next mayor - Robert E. Bruchey II, Anthony "Tony" Campello or someone else?

"I am glad to see (Trump) go. It seemed like he was always looking at the clock, acting like he really didn't want to be there anyway. Also, he didn't want to understand SMART growth. So, I guess when he couldn't get his 'promised' developments through, he wants to cut and run!"

"Bob Bruchey would be much much better than what we've had in the past several years."

"Bruchey is probably the best replacement who can work with the current council. One of the new mayor's jobs should be to reign in some of the nonelected city employees who are harassing city property owners. The council is failing to control its employees."

"Be innovative. Try something alien to current political thinking - select someone best qualified for the job."


"I never thought Trump knew what he was getting into. He seemed way (in) over his head. By viewing some of the council meetings on cable, I can say Hagerstown is better off without him. I would give Bruchey another chance at it since he was mayor before and did a good job."

"If the public would have been awake during the debates, Bob Bruchey would have been the mayor the first election, and all of this deplorable behavior of Trump and the council would not have occurred. Bob Bruchey has my vote. Bob Bruchey, come on down(town)."

"I watched Trump in action at some city council meetings that were open to the public. While I know he was not experienced at running them, I agree with previous comments made here. He seemed like he wanted to be anywhere else but there, by the many times he stared off into space, and constantly checking the time."

"(Trump) did seem way in over his head, but then, his council was not always professional either. We desperately need someone with experience before we scare off those wishing to invest in our fair city. And time to change the charter; we should have nonpartisan elections. No Democrats; no Republicans; just people wanting to do the right thing."

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