Remembering Jeffery

February 01, 2006

"What's touched us is that he's a great father. He was wonderful with them. I knew they meant the world to him."

- Sujaya Menon of Charles Town, W.Va., whose children went to school with Wroten's children

"No one thinks about the risks until something like this happens."

- MCI-Hagerstown Officer Fred Hopkins, 53

"He was always making jokes, trying to make people laugh."

- Kara Ebersole, 26, whom Wroten taught in a correctional officer academy

"Even if you didn't know him personally, he's part of our extended family."

- Karen Leisinger, a case management supervisor at RCI

"He came in and did his job. He had no problems with anyone. He never had any problems. It was a shame he had to go out like that."


- Dave Penwell, 55, of Martinsburg, W.Va., a correctional officer at RCI

"From the moment I heard, I've just been devastated. He was a really great guy."

- Paul Shelton, 50, of Martinsburg, W.Va., a retired correctional officer at RCI

"He was a man of character. He cared about what he did. He came in and did it, and was good at it."

- Maj. Larry Miller, 48, of Hagerstown, Wroten's supervisor at RCI

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