A dark 'Underworld'

January 27, 2006|by MATT NEWTON and STEPHANIE SNYDER

MOVIE REVIEW: "Underworld: Evolution"; rated R for graphic violence, explicit sex, strong language; 105 minutes

In "Underworld: Evolution," the sequel to the big hit "Underworld," Selene, a female vampire played by Kate Beckinsale, hunts her own kind in Eastern Europe. She is also protecting a vampire-werewolf hybrid named Michael, played by Scott Speedman. The movie involves flashback across the span of human history to recall moments in the eternal struggle between werewolves and vampires.

Matt: I had a feeling after watching 2003's "Underworld" that there would be a sequel to the gothic action thriller, but I didn't know what to expect. So when watching "Underworld: Evolution," I had no expectations, and was nevertheless impressed.

Stephanie: I was very impressed. The movie is so action-packed and fast-paced that I held my breath for nearly the entire hour and 45 minutes of the movie.


Matt: There is definitely action. In fact, the first scene of the movie puts you in a battle set in the first century.

Stephanie: Yes, the movie has numerous flashbacks that make you feel as if you're traveling through all of the eras of the plot. Basic information is given in certain flashbacks to help those who haven't seen the first film.

Matt: I liked that there are flashbacks to the first movie. It helped tie the two films together. "Underworld: Evolution" felt like it picked up right where the original left off. Even the characters seem to be in the right state of mind. Kate Beckinsale and Scott Speedman are excellent yet again.

Stephanie: The controversial love scene between Selene and Michael is interesting. I find it quite odd that director Len Wiseman was OK filming his wife, Beckinsale, in this scene.

Matt: Indeed. I believe that this scene holds great significance to the plot of "Underworld." I have heard "Underworld" is planned to be a trilogy. Perhaps this scene will tie into the third film.

Stephanie: The thought of a third movie in the series coming out is rather exciting. "Underworld: Evolution" highly surpasses the brilliance of the first film. I hope there is a third.

Matt: So do I, even though I can't see this franchise becoming any better. Between the action, acting, gore and overall plot, there seems to be nothing that a third film could include that the first two didn't already cover.

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