Chief, residents seem satisfied with police presence

January 26, 2006|by JENNIFER FITCH

GREENCASTLE, Pa. - Peter Mozurkevich, police chief in Greencastle, feels the police department is doing all right despite a manpower shortage.

The resignations of full-time officers Craig Wagner and Travis Crouse have left only one full-timer with Mozurkevich.

Wagner resigned in late December 2005, and Crouse's resignation is effective Saturday. The department employs about seven part-time officers.

"We're in the process right now of hiring some part-time officers. We have one in fact that started today and a few that are in the interview process," Mozurkevich said Tuesday.

"We are doing what we can to cover the shifts," he said. "Under the circumstances, we're doing pretty well."

People who live and work in Greencastle seem to agree.

"Our little town is pretty good," said Georgia Worden, who lives about a block from the police station and feels comfortable walking in Greencastle no matter the time of day.


Worden said she didn't even know there were staffing concerns because she still hears the patrol cars passing her home.

Mary Herdeman and Keisha Davis, who both work in Greencastle, also were surprised to learn the department is short-staffed.

"I have seen a lot out (patrolling)," said Davis, 18, who grew up in the borough.

Herdeman, a resident of Waynesboro, Pa., said she frequently sees officers walking the streets of Greencastle during the day. She also recognizes Mozurkevich as he drives past Domino's Pizza, where she works.

"I see him pretty much every day ... having people pulled over," said Todd Heckman, who lives in Marion, Pa., but often is in Greencastle for his job.

Heckman said he has noticed a slight decrease in police presence over the past few months, but he feels police have done a good job of cracking down on problems such as excessive noise.

"When I was growing up, things were pretty bad down here," he said.

Ken Myers, Greencastle's borough manager, previously said the municipality's 2006 budget allots $417,300 for police service. That allows for a complement of the chief and three full-time officers.

Money also is built in for part-time pay, he said.

Greencastle started 2005 with a full complement, but Terry Sanders retired from the chief's post in March of that year. Wagner was acting chief until Mozurkevich was hired in October.

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