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Antrim supervisors adopt $10 EMS tax

January 25, 2006|by JENNIFER FITCH

GREENCASTLE, Pa. - The Antrim Township Supervisors have selected $10 as the amount levied on workers under the new emergency and municipal services tax.

The EMS tax replaces an existing $10 occupational privilege tax. The supervisors had the option of setting the tax as high as $52, as permitted by the state.

The EMS tax will be levied on people earning income in the municipality, regardless of where they live. This will affect people working in Antrim Township and retired residents who earn income there.


Revenue from the EMS tax is only permitted to be used for police, fire and emergency medical services, road repair and a reduction of property taxes.

The township had started to pursue the EMS tax while preparing its budget last year.

Robert Whitmore, chairman of the supervisors, said he pushed for the full $52 in hopes the township could have saved the money in case it forms a police department someday.

"This (EMS tax) is a mechanism created by the state legislature to fund those services," said Ben Thomas Jr., township manager.

Whitmore and Scott Diffenderfer voted to proceed with the $52, while Samuel Miller and Curtis Myers voted against the motion. The motion then failed, making the tax $10.

Revenue from the occupational privilege tax was split between the township and Greencastle-Antrim School District, which collected that tax.

The district indicated in a letter that it will collect the EMS tax unless state lawmakers make some procedure changes that have been discussed. If the district refuses to collect the tax, the township supervisors will have to appoint a collector.

The school district will receive $5 of the $10 EMS tax.

Antrim Township could have anticipated $310,000 a year from the $52 tax, according to Thomas.

He said it collected about $33,000 last year from the occupational privilege tax.

The mill rate for real estate taxes is set at 2 mills for 2006, said Thomas.

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