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Who's on top in the new age?

January 24, 2006|by ROBERT KELLER

It's the dawn of a new age and 80,000 players gather online to battle for rank and status in the multiplayer game, "Kings of Chaos."

This is an army type strategy game, like chess and Risk combined. Your goal is to raise your ranking as high as you can before the age ends.

"Kings of Chaos" is a game of pure strategy. There are no graphics, no sound and no flashing lights. Numbers on the computer screen tell players about their army - how many soldiers and gold they have, how capable their spies and sentries are, how many attacks have taken place.

Players can form an army of humans, elves, dwarves or orcs.

Battles' outcomes are determined by the computer based on the relative strength of each side. Results are reported, along with how many soldiers and pieces of gold were lost.


A game takes place in an age. In real time, ages last between a day and a year. The coming of the end of the age is always unexpected, which is why players want to get as high in ranking as they can. Once an age ends, all players' performance statistics are reset to zero, giving everyone an opportunity to get to the top of the ranking.

Improve your army

In order to achieve your mission, you will need a few things first. To be able to rise up in ranking, you have to train soldiers and buy better weapons to raise your strike action, defensive action, sentry rating and spy rating.

On the left side of the screen, there are nine menu topics you can choose from. The Command Center displays your ranking, amount of gold and other characteristics of your army. The Attack menu allows you to assess the armies in your area for possible assault. Steal their gold and raise your rankings. Players can search for a specific person or search in a certain area of the entire gaming landscape. The Attack Log menu shows you who you have attacked and who attacked you.

The Armory menu allows you to buy weapons and raise your strike action; players also can improve their defensive action, sentry rating and spy rating. Players can strengthen their fortifications, but for a price. The cost rises every time fortifications are improved. Players can also increase their siege technology.

The Training icon lets players increase their spy ranking and adjust how many soldiers they receive every day. Hint: Don't increase your army any more than 160 soldiers per day, or you will become a target for continuous attacks.

The Intelligence icon allows players to see who spied on them and who their spies checked out.

Players can also buy mercenaries. My advice: Don't buy them! They are usually the first soldiers to die and that is a waste of money.

The Web address is Players must have e-mail access for security reasons, but no monthly fees are required, nor any downloading. Players do not need any type of disk.

This is an enjoyable game. I have taken the challenge. As of this writing, I am rank 13,088 of 90,863 players.

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