Fire captain pens second book

January 23, 2006|by ERIN CUNNINGHAM


This one has more action, and a lot more people.

The author was even able to find a picture of the fire department's first permanent secretary, something that eluded him the first time.

After Justin Mayhue's book, "Firefighting in Hagerstown," a history of the Hagerstown Fire Department, was published in 2004, he immediately began working on his second, "Hagerstown Firefighting." It was released in August 2005.

"Look at what we have today," said Mayhue, a captain with the fire department. "And realize it all started with buckets."


The book has 128 pages, contains 221 pictures and includes information about equipment and people from the 1800s to the present.

In the first book, Mayhue said he included more pictures of firefighting equipment than in "Hagerstown Firefighting." In his second book, he focused on finding more pictures of firefighters and support staff.

"I think that it's important that we preserve our heritage, so we remember those who served in the past and learn what our predecessors did," he said.

Mayhue said he planned to write a book about firefighting in Washington County but realized he had enough information to fill another book about Hagerstown.

Before deciding to write historical accounts of Hagerstown's fire department, Mayhue said he spoke with an aging firefighter who said that once he was gone, he would be forgotten. Mayhue said it was that conversation that made him want to write a book about firefighters in the city, hoping it would be a way for them to be remembered after they were gone.

"I think, in a way, with this book, he has not been forgotten," Mayhue said. "It gets down to the dedication of the firefighters, and they should be recognized for their service."

The book is available in several local bookstores, including Borders.

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