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January 19, 2006|by ANNE WEATHERHOLT

Slow news day

Now I know why CNN sometimes repeats and repeats and repeats and, well, you get the idea.

My husband, Allan, and I look at each other and say together, "Slow news day!" While the headlines were packed in January 2005 with horrible scenes and growing body counts from the Southeast Asia Tsunami, we get the grand opening of "American Idol" and the Olympics previews in 2006! (Yawn!)

What does a slow news day look like in small-town America? Let's take a snapshot to save and pull out when things are too busy for words: Weather = cold and overcast; streets = wet with a lot of leftover gravel from the last snow; people = cold and bundled up, broke from over-spending for Christmas; trees = bare; activities = at slow ebb except for weekly bingo at the fire hall; kids = still enjoying some Christmas gift card purchases; grandma and grandpa = staying close to home and resting up from the holidays; town business = as usual; school = as usual; tourists = fewer than the holidays, bundled up for skiing; stores = still a small pile of deeply discounted tinsel, plus the press of pink candy boxes and cards ebbing in for Valentine's Day. Sometimes it's nice just to be normal for a while.


Basket bingo set for Sunday

The biggest piece of important news is the upcoming basket bingo this Sunday, Jan. 22, to benefit the creation of a girls' soccer team at Hancock High School.

Tickets are $20 and include 20 games. Doors open at the American Legion on East Main Street at 1 p.m. with bingo at 2 p.m. As always, there will be special games, raffles and door prizes, plus a delicious food concession available. Baskets are filled with Boyd's Bears and other goodies. For tickets, please call Karen Sornson at 301-678-5764 or Teresa Hess at 301-678-6539. You can also reach Teresa at Hancock Elementary School. A snow date of Jan. 29 has been reserved, just in case. Sh-h-h-h-h!

Varsity beats St. James

At last, it's happened! The Hancock High School boys varsity basketball team beat St. James School this past Saturday afternoon on the turf of the "Saints."

In a very evenly matched game, the Panthers began by sinking a decisive three-pointer, then managed to stay ahead for the rest of the match. Coach Ron Hose's boys scored their first victory of the season, triumphing 71-62. It feels good to finally come away as a winner!

Loaves and Fishes

This is always an excellent time to go shopping at the Loaves and Fishes Thrift Store at the corner of High Street and Pennsylvania Avenue.

Folks bring in Christmas stuff they did not want, or they drop off items that got replaced by new stuff. The store recently received a stock of very nice mattresses from a motel in Hagerstown, still covered and barely used. Winter stock needs to be cleared to make way for the new stuff, so come on down. The store did a record year of business in 2005 and hopes to do as well or better in 2006. As always, income is plowed back into the Interfaith Service Coalition. This nonprofit agency helps your fellow citizens with heating bills, food, prescriptions and lots of other needs over the cold winter months and throughout the year.

Winter Fest coming

Keep in mind that the Hancock Winter Festival is coming up on Saturday, Feb. 11! Sinclair Hamilton tells me that the Arts Council is looking for someone who will help with the chili cook-off contest, as last year's chair cannot continue this year. If you think you might be interested, please contact Sinclair through the Town Office to get the details. This could be a delicious job for a volunteer!

First semester wrapping up

The first semester of the 2005-06 academic year is wrapping up in Washington County Schools this week. This Friday will be the end of the second marking period at Hancock Elementary School and the close of the third marking period for those in secondary schools. At Hancock High, students are busy taking final exams in some courses and required high school assessments in certain subject areas. The school calendar allows teachers some professional time to complete the grading of papers and tests and to prepare report cards. Accordingly, students in Washington County will have early dismissal this Friday. And next Monday, Jan. 23, there will be no school for students. After that, it's on to a whole new semester!

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