Bath Town Council briefs

January 18, 2006|by TRISH RUDDER

Greenway Cemetery annexation mulled

BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. - The Town of Bath Cemetery Advisory Board recommended Greenway Cemetery be annexed into the town limits at Tuesday night's Bath Town Council meeting.

Former Councilwoman Irene Hedrick, who heads up the advisory board, spoke on behalf of the advisory members who attended the meeting.

Mayor Susan Webster said, "they believe as we do to create laws and regulations" to protect Greenway Cemetery from vandalism and make it illegal to use the cemetery as a "pass-through" route from U.S. 522 to Johnson's Mill Road.

Councilman David Crosby said, "if we are going to be responsible for it and run it, we need to have authority over it," but Councilman Kenny Easton asked if annexation would interfere with the cemetery advisory board's plan to apply for nonprofit status for Greenway.


After further discussion, Councilwoman Garnet Marsh suggested council members investigate the matter further before making the annexation decision.

Cemetery fees upped

BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. - The Bath Town Council on Tuesday unanimously approved price increases for Greenway Cemetery grave sites and service fees.

Effective immediately, the price for one grave, including perpetual care, is $450. The price is the same for an urn site. The cost for one crypt (two caskets) in the mausoleum, including perpetual care, is $1,500.

The price for opening and closing a grave is $650; opening and closing an urn site is $150; opening and closing a mausoleum crypt is $500; and disinterment of a grave is $800.

Police officer going full time in April

BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. - The Bath Town Council voted unanimously Tuesday to increase the hours of part-time police officer Eric Harvey, effective April 1, to 40 hours per week.

Harvey currently works 32 hours per week.

Tony Lynch, Bath police chief, requested the full-time status. Lynch said even though the town has about 800 residents, "we have a larger crime rate for this size community."

Lynch said more than 800 people are in town every day. He said on a recent weekday, about 5,500 cars went through town. He said the town police department made 90 arrests last year.

The Town of Bath is the local government in Berkeley Springs.

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