January 16, 2006

GWB LLC and Patricia A. Sylvester, 10613 Connor Drive, Williamsport, to David L. and Sue E. Kessler for $240,000.

Home Construction Corpo., lot 44, section III, Tammany Heights North, 16815 Calalry Drive, to Bakul H. and Jayshree B. Patel for $289,500.

U.S. Home Corp., A Delaware Corp., 9610 Coatbridge Lane, Hagerstown, to Shadid Khan for $439,325.

Charlotte D. Nelson, 1064 Valleybrook Drive, Hagerstown, to Carl A. and Monika N. Wertman for $279,000.

Gregory M. and Nancy E. Scandien, 799 Hamilton Blvd., Hagerstown, to Maxey B. Jr. and Karen M. Poston for $204,900.

Maurice A. and E. Carolyn Randolph, 351 Burhans Blvd., Hagerstown, to Conrad Miller for $350,000.

Masser Properties, 600 Palm Beach Drive, Hagerstown, to The Roger G. Abraham Irrevocable Trust for $226,554.

Todd L. Hershey Treas., 116 W. Chapline St., to Lester L. and Lavinia Mason for $35,000.

Harriett Mall, 1127 Sherman Ave., Hagerstown, to Robert E. and Amanda J. Lee for $195,000.


Ricky Z. and Diana L. Finney, 103 Franklin St., Hancock, to Lisha Myers for $145,000.

Leonard E. Sr. and Linda M. Heller, 721 McClellan Ave., Boonsboro, to Rodney Heller and Vicky Nichols for $240,000.

Catlett Enterprises Inc., 11004 Bragg Court, Williamsport, to Douglas L. and Helen M. Karn for $200,000.

Douglas Knight Fern, 8 S. Main St., Keedysville, to Meredith K. Tedards for $225,000.

Bradford I. Webb and Michael S. Levin, assignees, 12037 N. Scottish Court, Hagerstown, to Linda D. Horne for $53,600.

Tauqeer Aslam, 18241 Rockland Drive, Hagerstown, to Amos K. and Beverly J. Douglas for $455,000.

Curtis L. Grove, guardian of person/property of Dorothy E. Sillery, 19661 Marigold Drive, Hagerstown, to Thomas J. Wiles and Theresa Rene Leightey for $259,900.

Cavalier Equities LLLP, 1912, 19116 and 9122 Red Maple Drive, Hagerstown, to Fairview Estates LLC for $23,000.

Marlin L. Durbin, AIF for Harold W. Durbin, 17812 College Road, Hagerstown, to Kevin and Sharon Hartman for $300,000.

Jo Anne M. Bewley, 6129 Moser Road, Boonsboro, to Tony E. and Samantha A. Donini for $465,000.

Matthew J. and Lynne M. Lindsey, 14712 White Oak Ridge Road, Hancock, to Debra J. Ellis for $192,000.

NVR, a Virginia Corp., 17724 Perlite Way, Hagerstown, to Cecelia J. Toney for $247,945.

NVR, a Virginia Corp., 9359 Morning Walk Drive, Hagerstown, to Milton L. Miller for $274,450.

Fairmont Real Estate Services LLC, Hager Crossing, lots T165 thru T167, to NRV, a Virginia Corp. for $73,632.

NVR, a Virginia Corp., 19338 Paradise Manor Drive, Hagerstown, to Daniel and Dora Alvarez for $561,875.

NVR, a Virginia Corp., 9409 Morning Walk Drive, Hagerstown, to Stanley W. and Belinda Fornea for $270,000.

NVR, a Virginia Corp., 17730 Perlite Way, Hagerstown, to James Navarrete and Ashley Fields for $280,988.

NVR, a Virginia Corp., 17732 Perlite Way, Hagerstown, to Mike K. Ching for $244,350.

JoAnn Davis, PR for estate of Ali Aubae Robinson, 10719 Timothy Drive, Williamsport, to Rosa M. Choto, Jose S. Ventura and Heather A. Amaya for $275,000.

Ronald F. Moreno, 329 S. Cannon Ave., Hagerstown, to Michel Moreno for $110,000.

Walter Willson O'Connell, 205 Mealey Park, to W. Willson and Daniel M. O'Connell for $257,000.

Paul W. Mullenix Jr., 25 N. Cleveland Ave., Hagerstown, to Sy Phan for $574,000.

Paul W. Mullenix Jr., 447 Jefferson St., Hagerstown, to Sy Phan for $1,000.

Highway Petroleum Sales, 123 E. Main St., Hancock, to Richard Evans for $20,000.

Walter L. Lewis and Julie A. Gum, 539 Frederick St., Hagerstown, to Kevin Lewis for $28,000.

Conrad Villas LLC, 13030 Hawkins Circle, Hagerstown, to Robert H. and Marueen C. Maidhof for $444,351.

Terry R. and Debra T. Lamberson, 128 Wishing Star Court, Unit 1B, Hagerstown, to Sharon N. Bishop for $169,900.

Mark A. and Terri Younker, 271 Potomac St., Hagerstown, to Conrad C. Miller for $209,900.

David A. and Gwyn E. Cole, 13757 Kretsinger Road, Smithsburg, to Ernest Ferrara, Cora Ferrara, and Michael Lynn Ferrara for $195,000.

Thang Mguyen and The Nguyen, 17550 Patterson Drive, Hagerstown, to Dayle Richard and Audria Rodney for $475,000.

Rebecca G. Pyles, 19024 Sandy Hook Road, Knoxville, to Shamus P. O'Hara and Kimberly L. Quinn for $180,000.

Lori A. Divanna, 8507 Dam 4 Road, Williamsport, to Christopher L. and Magan Miller for $181,400.

Paul F. Stitzel, 13624 Barnhart Road, Clear Spring, to Donald P. and Virginia D. Bowers for $370,000.

Damian L. Haugh, 9717 Pembroke Drive, Hagerstown, to Herman W. and Maria N. Boyer for $627,000.

Mansoor Emral and Janet Emral Shaool, 10908 Sassan Lane, Hagerstown, to Frank T. and Kathleen S. Saponaro for $768,100.

Mansoor Emral and Janet Emral Shaool, 10977 Sassan Lane, Hagerstown, to Nikolaos and Eleni Maria Manolopoulos for $635,000.

Halteman Farms, Spickler Road, Clear Spring, to A. Duane and Sharon L. Martin for $10,000.

Carriage Hill LLC, 10345 Bridle Court, Hagerstown, to Robert and Mary Lou Mappes for $255,268.

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