Redskins fans are hot for their team

January 15, 2006|By MARLO BARNHART


Not even a couple of serious snow squalls could deter the serious Washington Redskins fans from turning out in droves at Buffalo Wild Wings Grill and Bar for Saturday night's big game.

Unfortunately, it wasn't the weather that ended up getting these fans down - it was the final score: Seattle 20, Washington, 10.

The Recabo family of Hagerstown has been making Redskins game night a regular Buffalo Wild Wings outing all season. Jim and Beth arrived shortly before kickoff Saturday with their daughters, Katlin and Abigail. All four were wearing their maroon Redskins' jerseys.

"I have a friend at school who says the Seattle Seahawks' quarterback is the greatest, but I still think the Redskins can beat them," Katlin said. She treasures her time watching football games with her father.


Beth Recabo said she had high hopes for the Redskins, but alas, it wasn't to be.

"They certainly are overdue," Beth Recabo said as the game was getting under way.

Jason Martin came all the way from Myersville, Md., to watch the game at Buffalo Wild Wings. Calling himself a Redskins fan for as long as he can remember, Martin, 29, said if Washington was going to win, the offense would have to show up this week.

Last weekend's game was a win over Tampa Bay, but it was the Redskins' defense that made the difference, most agreed.

"Seattle is a tough team and they're ready to step up, so we have to be ready, too," Martin said.

With seven big-screen televisions, Buffalo Wild Wings is committed to making sure all football fans enjoy themselves on game days.

"We do extra preparation for game days making sure we have enough staff working," Manager Don Burkhart said.

Robert Summers came in wearing a Redskins hat, but confessed that this week he wouldn't be staying.

"I'm getting takeout food this week and going home to watch the game with family," he said.

Summers said the key to a Redskins' win would have to be containing the Seahawks' star running back Shaun Alexander.

"The Redskins might be able to do it if that happens," he said.

Getting the ball to Redskins standout running back Clinton Portis also is key, Summers said.

"His shoulder is still sore, but if they can get the ball to him, there is a good chance for a win," he said.

Didn't happen!

Matt DeGrange of Middletown, Md., got his wings, found a seat and got ready to watch the game.

"I think they'll win," DeGrange said.

Sorry, Matt.

Redskins' fan Denise Myers and her husband, Patrick, came in together, though clearly their taste in teams didn't match up.

"I'm a Dallas fan and we're out of it, so I'm here to support Denise," Patrick Myers said. "I'll enjoy it as long as it's a good game like last week."

Griff Garwood's reason for being at Buffalo Wild Wings Saturday night wasn't so much to cheer the Redskins, but to just enjoy the excitement, he said. He came all the way from Middletown for the experience.

"Our occupancy limit is 280, and while we've never hit that on a game night, we've come close," Burkhart said.

Open since June, Buffalo Wild Wings is at 230 Railway Lane off Wesel Boulevard. By game time at 4:30 p.m., the parking lot was full and vehicles were parked all along the adjacent road.

"We promote three teams - the Redskins, the Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens," Burkhart said.

Burkhart predicted today's Steelers' game against the Indianapolis Colts would pack the restaurant even more than the Redskins fans who turned out Saturday.

Heather Harmon said she has been a server at Buffalo Wild Wings for about two months.

"On game days, they get loud and very enthusiastic," she said.

As evidence, a first-quarter fumble by Seattle set off a 40-second roar from the crowd that was deafening.

Another employee said the noise of game days can be a little daunting for her.

"When I get off, I just go out and sit in my car for a while - no radio, just quiet," she said.

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