Taking paper on vacation with you? Go wild with photo

January 15, 2006|By JOEL HUFFER

If you're an early riser, I'm likely sitting in a terminal at Baltimore/Washington International Airport waiting to board an airplane bound for Orlando, Fla., as you read this.

If you sleep in on Sundays, I'll probably be halfway to Walt Disney World by the time your eyes find these words.

Either way, I'll be on vacation and a copy of The Morning Herald will be with me.

That's right ... I'm taking my newspaper on vacation.

If you're a Herald-Mail subscriber or have seen a copy of our newspaper over the past several years, you likely are familiar with our feature that shows residents of the Tri-State area with The Morning Herald, The Daily Mail or The Herald-Mail at their favorite vacation spots.

It's become a popular feature with our readers, and photographs continue to arrive in my mailbox every week.

Readers have taken our newspapers on camping trips, cruises, bus tours, golf outings and snowmobile excursions. The newspaper has traveled overseas to Germany, Russia, China and Switzerland. It's even been underwater, going on at least two scuba diving adventures.


And now it's going back to Walt Disney World, where many of our readers have taken it over the past several years. We've published photos of families at various Disney resorts, photos of children with their favorite Disney characters and photos of families in front of Cinderella's castle.

But something has been missing from many of the photos we receive - the creativity that really would have made our feature first-rate.

So, with a new year upon us, here are a few suggestions for livening up your vacation photos.

· NASCAR races - We've had a few photos submitted from NASCAR races around the country. Most of them have been taken in the parking lot or in the grandstands. We got lucky once or twice and got a shot taken in the infield. But what would really make a great photo is to hold our newspaper while hanging out the window of a race car, whipping around the track at 170 mph. Git-r-done!

· Beach vacations - Sun, sand, beach towels and blankets. We've seen all of that. How about someone parasailing while reading the newspaper? Or a giant sand sculpture of a Herald-Mail vending machine?

· European vacations - We've received photos taken at Red Square in Moscow, at the base of the Matterhorn in Switzerland and on the streets of London. How about a run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain? Nothing says adventure like a copy of The Herald-Mail gored by the horn of a raging beast.

· Concerts - Again, most of these photos have been taken of people standing beside the car, outside the stadium or in the lobby of the arena. Why not grab your newspaper, jump up on stage and join the band? Grab the microphone, sing a verse or two and have a picture to remember for a lifetime.

So there you have it, just a few ideas to make your vacation photos a bit more exciting.

And in case you're wondering what I have planned for my Walt Disney World photo, here's a hint: Splash Mountain.

Joel Huffer is managing editor of The Morning Herald. He may be reached at 301-791-7587 or by e-mail at

Joel Huffer

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