Say 'Thank you'

January 10, 2006|by ESPE MARTINEZ

We all think that writing thank you notes is last century, but in reality, it is something that never goes out of style.

When a gift is given, showing gratitude and being courteous is traditional and should be modern, too!

Send a hard copy

You can tell someone thank you with an e-mail, a phone call or a spoken thank you. But unless someone is living under the same roof as you, you should write a thank-you note.

Time consumption is the major reason why writing thank-you notes has become so unpopular among people of all ages. E-mail is a quick way to send and receive information. But e-mail doesn't show the gift-giver that you took time out of your busy day to thank them for their gift. A phone call might seem a little more personal, but it's actually quicker to do than writing an e-mail.

OK, so now you're thinking, "Isn't it enough that I told them 'Thank you' when I received the gift?"


No, it's not.

However tempting it is to get away with giving a generic, verbal thank you, you must resist. If you want to say, "Thank you for this gift that you so graciously took time to pick out and spent money on," you'll need to send a written note.

All you need to write the note is some stationery, an envelope and postage. If you would rather use a postcard, that is an acceptable way, too.

Try to keep the stationery size small so that you won't have a lot of extra space left over afterwards.

Don't ruin the personalization of the note by typing it. Handwrite it.

Don't get too fancy with your writing utensil. A blue or black pen is fine.

Be brief, be personal

There are many ways to write a thank you card, but these five steps will help the novice card sender write a nice thank you card:

Greeting - Greet the giver with something simple like: "Dear Grandma."

Express thanks - This is the whole reason you are writing the note, so make it good. You could try something like: "Thank you so much for the game."

Mention use - Now tell the gift-giver how you will use the gift. Don't get carried away by getting too detailed, though. "I am really going to enjoy it when summer rolls around" will do just fine.

Grace - Thank them again for their thoughtfulness: "Thanks again for your gift."

Regards - Say something to conclude the note, then sign your name: "Sincerely, Joe Schmo."

All that is left to do is send it off in the mail. Don't wait too long to get it to them. The sooner the better!

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