AMVETS Post 10 celebrates anniversary of building

January 09, 2006|by ERIN CUNNINGHAM


Rusty Baker, commander of Washington County AMVETS Post 10, spun a large wheel and called out winning raffle numbers Sunday.

"No. 114," he said.

"Yeooowww," yelled a woman near the bar who had won. She took home a package filled with about $15 in meat.

The raffle and other opportunities to win prizes were part of the AMVETS anniversary celebration. Sunday, they celebrated 20 years at 770 Frederick St. in Hagerstown.


"The community and the members, they have supported us immensely," Baker said. "It is very special. It's our home."

Baker and other longtime members, like Richard Young Jr., said they remember moving into the building, which is larger and better than the one on Potomac Street.

Young, a 23-year member, said he helped move the post to the building on Frederick Street. "It's come a long way from what the building looked like to now," he said.

When the post moved in, the basement had only a dirt floor. Young said he helped remove the dirt and other debris from the basement, one bucketful at a time.

"When you tell people what it was, now, they don't believe you," he said.

The basement now holds pool tables, shuffleboard, six offices and a meeting room.

Fred Shinbur, a life member and a corporation officer, said the anniversary celebration was a way for older members to see the building, raise money for a memorial wall and invite new members to join the post.

All money raised through raffles and door donations will go to the AMVETS memorial wall, which will be built around the building. Bricks used to build the wall are for sale for $35, and veterans can inscribe their names, rank, service and other information on the bricks.

Shinbur said AMVETS would like to sell at least 500 bricks for the wall.

He has purchased four bricks, for himself, his wife, Jeannie, his great-grandfather and his father-in-law.

Shinbur said, when weather permits, construction should begin on the wall.

Paul Kifer, an AMVETS life member, said he and his wife, Beverly, have purchased one of the bricks for her father, and Kifer said he eventually plans to purchase one to remember his service.

Sunday, the Kifers participated in the meat raffle, and won twice.

Rodney De Kett, an AMVETS life member, said he purchased many raffle tickets but had yet to win after one hour. "I support AMVETS," he said. "I don't win anything, but I support them."

Jim Young, a member of Sons of the AMVETS, said he purchased many raffle tickets hoping to win a guitar signed by members of the six bands scheduled to play at the anniversary celebration.

The bands, which played at the event for free, included, Vaepor, Center Alley, Minds Eye, NO X IT, Crossroads and Freak Show, Shinbur said.

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