Letters to the ediitor

January 07, 2006

Sorry for saving tax money

To the editor:

In reply to George Michael's column - liberals vs. conservative again? And what are "union types?" Is it liberal to support saving taxpayers money? Are union types people who support the idea that someone who works full-time should be able to afford health care, rent and food without having to use taxpayer subsidies such food stamps and Section 8?

I hope that our legislature will vote to override the governor's veto of the Fair Share Health Care Fund Act. The reason that only Wal-Mart is impacted is because all other huge employers in Maryland already provide this coverage to their employees!

The so-called working-class taxpayers are already paying higher taxes, due to the free tax giveaways that this state and county give to stores so they will build here.

The taxpayers also get to pay more than $400,000 a year per Wal-Mart store for the health care of the Wal-Mart workers and their children, because many qualify for state medical assistance, never mind the Section 8, food stamps and other taxpayer-provided benefits Wal-Mart workers require to survive, due to low pay and no benefits.


In Germany, the Wal-Mart workers enjoy full union pay and benefits, including over three-plus paid vacation weeks per year.

The owners of Wal-Mart have become some of the richest people on this planet by using taxpayer dollars to subsidize their corporation.

In Maryland, our citizens decided and our legislators voted correctly to require huge corporations like Wal-Mart to stop passing their huge work-force health-care costs on to us taxpayers.

As for low prices, there are many other stores to pick from. The fact that the state of Maryland should not be able to avoid providing benefits to its workers by calling them contractual is another story and has nothing to do with this bill.

Victoria Ross


Theater reopening set for Jan. 13 is the result of hard work by many

To the editor:

It is difficult to sum up in a few words how very much all of us in this great community of Chambersburg and Franklin County, Pa., appreciate what you have done this past year to make the Capitol Theatre Center the very special place that it is.

Most especially, during the past eight months, since the partial ceiling collapse, you have weathered a very heartbreaking and challenging storm.

You, first of all, worried, prayed, and showed your compassion for those injured. With prayer and God's grace, they continue to recover. During this time, our programming was disrupted, seemingly in the direction of financial disaster. Your true colors and grit helped you rise above the disappointments and uncertainty as more encouraging signs of hope began to appear.

On Dec. 13, when all the scaffolding was gone and the plaster, painting and lighting work finished, the Chamber of Commerce members streamed in to view the results.

In short order, your perseverance paid off as we all listened to the great adjectives defining a job well done, all in preparation for the New Year. Together, we have taken the Capitol Theatre to a new level and restored some of its 1927 grandeur.

On behalf of the board of directors, Downtown Chambersburg, Inc. and the Capitol Theatre Center Foundation, thank you for your loyal commitment to seeing it through.

This great community has rewarded you with renewed confidence and a sold-out performance of "The Music of Andrew Lloyd Weber," and a grand reopening scheduled for Jan. 13.

We are all indebted to the very visible generosity of our patrons and wonderful benefactors who helped to make the ceiling replacement and overall recovery possible.

Thank you, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Paul E. Cullinane, Jr.,


Downtown Chambersburg, Inc.

Thanks for opening your arms to a hurricane victim and her precious pets

To the editor:

Devona, (Devo by her friends) my granddaughter, found herself without a home, which was completely destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. She and her two pet dogs - a German Shepherd and a Rotweiler - arrived Sept. 3 from Long Beach, Miss.

She was accepted and attended the Smithsburg High School as a sophomore until Thanksgiving and I, her grandmother, don't know how to express the gratitude I feel for their faculty - the soccer coaches, Bill Fowkes and Mr. Joe Burger - to have included Devo in their team's spirit - and the Smithsburg Soccer team became the Maryland 2005 well deserved.

Also the team member's parents and the team's physician have contributed to her comfort.

The generosity of monetary gifts by the Smithsburg JV soccer players and High School soccer players; the faculty of Potomac Heights Elementary School; the retired co-workers women group of Allegheny Power Co. - Eula Swain; the Hagerstown Church of the Brethren - Rachael Bowers, Kathryn Albright, the Powell family (Nancy, Joe, Vicky and Harry); and many anonymous friends of Washington County - were so immensely meaningful at the time of a disaster.

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