Local Salvation Army exceeds fundraising goal

January 04, 2006|by MARLO BARNHART


All the fears of watered-down returns from the 2005 kettle/direct mail campaigns conducted by The Salvation Army in Hagerstown were washed away when the final figures were released, Maj. Butch Mallard said Tuesday.

"The community really came through," Mallard said, citing increases in both efforts that topped the 2005 goals.

The kettle drive took in $115,000, $5,000 more than the 2005 goal. In 2004, the goal was $80,000, and more than $106,000 was raised.

The 2005 direct mail campaign, which has struggled and missed goals in past years, brought in $89,000, topping the goal by $4,000.


When the 2005 kettle drive kicked off in November, Mallard and Harry Barger, the agency's development director, expressed concern that recent pleas for aid for victims of the Gulf Coast hurricanes might diminish the seasonal drives.

At Christmas, 869 Washington County families were aided, Mallard said, noting that 1,960 children received toys. In 2004, the agency helped 850 families and distributed toys to 1,658 children.

There were 14 kettle sites during the 2005 drive.

The money taken in at Christmastime is used to fund a variety of programs throughout the year. The Salvation Army helps approximately 40,000 people annually in Washington County, Mallard said.

The Salvation Army, at 534 W. Franklin St., serves approximately 100 meals each weekday and maintains 30 beds for people in need of housing.

For more information, call 301-733-2440.

Salvation Army fundraising results

2005 kettle goal - $110,000

2005 kettle returns - $115,000

2005 direct mail goal - $85,000

2005 direct mail returns - $89,000

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