Questions the scientists are unable to answer

December 31, 2005|By Chad A. Gross

To the editor:

In response to Doug Martin's "Science deals another blow to design":

Mr. Martin, you have great faith in your evolutionary doctrine and those who misconstrue science in order to fit their preconceived naturalistic ideas. I have a few questions that I would like you to ponder for a moment:

1. Where has macroevolution (Example: dog to cat) ever been observed? What's the mechanism for getting new complexity such as new vital organs? How, for example, could a caterpillar evolve into a butterfly?

2. Where are the billions of transitional fossils that should be there if your theory is right? Billions! Not a handful of questionable transitions. Why don't we see a reasonably smooth continuum among all living creatures, or in the fossil record, or both?


3. Who are the evolutionary ancestors of the insects? The evolutionary tree that's in the textbook: Where's its trunk and where are its branches?

4. What evidence is there that information, such as that in DNA, could ever assemble by itself? What about the 4,000 books of coded information that are a tiny part of each of your 100 trillion cells? Doesn't the vast information sequence in the DNA of a bacteria molecule also imply an intelligent source?

5. How could organs as complicated as the eye, ear, or the brain of a tiny bird, ever come about by chance or natural processes?

6. If the solar system evolved, why do three planets spin backwards? Why do at least six moons revolve backwards?

7. How did sexual reproduction evolve?

8. If the Big Bang occurred, where did all the information around us and in us come from? Has an explosion ever produced order?

9. Where did matter come from? What about space, time, energy and even the laws of physics? Yes, I know, "They haven't figured that out yet, but in time "

10. How did the first living cell begin? That's a greater miracle than a bacteria evolving into a man. How did that first cell reproduce?

11. Just before life appeared, did the atmosphere have oxygen or did it not have oxygen? What were the elements in the supposed pre-biotic soup?

12. If it takes intelligence to make an arrowhead, why doesn't it take vastly more intelligence to create a human? Do you really believe that hydrogen will turn into people if you wait long enough?

13. Which came first, DNA or the proteins needed by DNA - which can only be produced by DNA?

14. When, where, why, and how did life go from non-living to living by itself?

These are just some of the many questions evolution and its faithful followers cannot answer with honest science.

Have you read Dawkins, Hawking, or Gould, leading evolutionists? Great is their faith!

Chad A. Gross


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