Around Funkstown

December 29, 2005|by SUSIE HOFFMAN

Happy Holidays!

This is the week of leftovers ... of deciding when to take down the decorations ... of finding places for all the new gifts. Hopefully, this is also the week for resting and spending some quality time with the kids while they are off school. Break out those new board games and have a go at it!

Lets clean up some kudos from this past year so we can start fresh in 2006. What better way to finish off 2005 than to be recognized for your character. Trustworthiness, kindness, accountability, giving it that extra effort ... the following students showed the signs that they have what it takes to be the November Character Counts! winners. Congratulations to : Alexandra, Abrianna, and Elias from the pre K classroom. Showing us how it is done for kindergarten is : Blake Travie, Kaitlon, Nathan, Derrick, Unique, Taliek, Katelynn, Laila, Liam, Alyssa, Daryn, Daniel, Alicia, Grace, and Haley.


Travis, Noah, Quinn, Cortney, Kylie, Mayhen, Ja'vya, Christina, Jakob, Anthony, Jenna, Kyle, Ryan, Noah, Emily, Hope, Amanda, Megan, Halee, Cassandra, Grace, Sean, Dylan, Lauren, Dylan, and Sarah are the winners for first grade. The second grade boys and girls who deserve a pat on the back are: Jedadiah, Justin, Michael, Sam, Sydney, Marisa, Nicholas, Colton, Addison, Lemonte, Skylar, Chelsey, Sky, Logan, Justin, Emily, and Jenna. We are so very proud of all of you. Keep up the good work!

What a fine group of kids! Brandon, Cameron, and Michael are the winners for the Olde Tyme Christmas Ornament Contest! Olde Tyme Christmas was such a wonder-filled evening and these three first-graders are coming away with a prize to go along with their good memories. Nice job!

Some things we just don't think about. These just go right along like clockwork. This little town takes a great deal to make it run and those who are responsible never get the thanks they deserve. I would like to thank Brenda and Kelly for the fabulous job they do in Town Hall. Steve and Roger are out and about keeping things tidy and in working order. Thanks to the town's best staff we could imagine.

Some other people who never get the thanks they deserve are those who work behind the scenes at school. Let's be sure to thank lunch assistants Pam Grimes, Sharon Mattingly, Kim Rodgers, Teri Baker, Jennifer Tallant and Clare Ann Barclay. Carolyn Long is our very devoted cafeteria lady. They smile and help out every day and they deserve a great big thank you!

A longtime fixture in our school is Mr. Gladhill, head custodian, always ready with a good morning. Bonnie Heil is there every day keeping things tidy and ready for our wee ones. Thanks to you two special people for a job well done.

I hope that everyone will remain safe this New Year's weekend. Drive cautiously, be responsible in what you do. Re-evaluate and assess your life and the direction it is taking ... make the necessary adjustments.

Food for the soul

Creativity demands nothing less than all you have, talent alone is never enough.

Susie's To Do List:

1. Put away Christmas Decorations.

2. Clean out refrigerator.

3. Clean out cupboards and throw away outdated boxes.

4. Make dentist appointments for cleanings.

5. Talk with the children about short term and long term goals and ways to realize them.

6. Do something just for the fun of it. Nothing to gain ... no -project to complete ... no deadline to meet ... just because!

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