Use your Christmas tree after Christmas

December 27, 2005|by BOB KESSLER / Penn State Extension

A fresh-cut tree is still used in most homes as the Christmas tree.

Instead of pitching it sometime after Christmas, consider these ideas:

Take it outside and remove some of the branches to open the tree up, and stand it close to a bird feeder for added protection for the birds.

If you don't have a bird feeder, make the tree into one. Tie suet cakes and seed- covered suet, apple slices or orange slices to the branches.

This food will attract birds to your yard and the branches provide protection. The tree can be nailed to a couple of boards in an "X" to stand up or you can let the tree lay on the ground.


Trees are organic, which makes them recyclable. You can chip them up if you have a chipper or take them to one of these locations:

All Franklin County residents can take their Christmas tree to Hamilton Heights Dairy, 2300 Edenville Road, Chambersburg, Pa., or to the Washington Township Recycling Center, 12725 Buchanan Trail East, Waynesboro, Pa.

Antrim Township residents can take it to the Tayamentasachta Environmental Center, 504 East Leitersburg Street, Greencastle, Pa.

Green Township residents can take their tree to the Yard Waste Drop-off and Compost Facility, Mickey Inn Road, Chambersburg.

Fannett Township residents can take theirs to the Municipal Building on Sweetwater Road, Dry Run, Pa.

Southampton Township residents can go to the Municipal Building, 705 Municipal Drive, Shippensburg, Pa.

There might be many other sites in the area that will accept your tree. If you are unsure, contact your municipal or township office for suggestions.

The trunk of the tree without the branches can be cut up and burned in a stove or fireplace, but use it sparingly, as it will burn intensely and quickly.

The branches you cut off can be placed over your perennial beds to help protect the plants.

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