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December 26, 2005

Last week's question

Christmas is less than a week away. Do you expect to have a good Christmas, a not-so-good Christmas or aren't you sure yet? What would make this Christmas a good holiday for you and your family and friends?

Poll Results

- A good Christmas 102 votes (39.7 percent)

- Not-so-good 38 votes (14.8 percent)

-Not sure yet 12 votes (4.7 percent)


· We expect to have a good Christmas because it's not about material things, and everything else is free. We have our health and the family is together. Merry Christmas.

· Our family will have a great Christmas. However, it would be fantastic if everyone would take time to pray for our military in harms way. Also, pray for President Bush to make the right decisions. Hopefully, he will end the war and bring our troops home.


· May God protect our military and bless those families whose loved ones are not at home to celebrate Christmas.

This week's question

The Herald-Mail has changed the format of this feature so that those who wish to leave a comment must first log in. Does the need to log in discourage you from leaving comments or doesn't it matter? Results will be posted on our Web site and this page on Monday, Jan. 2.

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