Live chat with Santa - December 23rd - transcript

December 23, 2005

The Herald-Mail will present a live chat with Santa, starting at 1:00 pm and ending at 2:00 pm today. Questions or comments can be submitted by clicking here before and during the chat.

The text of the live discussion will flow into the bottom of this page during its live hour. You can either click "Refresh" on your browser window or hit "F5" on your keyboard to see new responses. Make sure you scroll down to see the latest answers.

Name: travis

Location: hagerstown

Guest: Santa

Question: dear santa for christmas i want a pony thank you

Santa: Santa will consider your request and get back to you the morning of December 25th. Merry Christmas!

Name: Gentry T Muse

Location: Hagerstown

Guest: Santa


Question: My 9 year old daughter is having doubts on whether or not to believe in you anymore Can you give some input on why people stop believing?

Santa: Santa is for believers, whether you are 9 or 99. So as long as you keep believing in Santa, you are ok.

Moderator: My dad is always getting lost in the car and then he gets into an argument with my mother. Since you're so good at finding everyone's house, could you bring him something to help him find where he's going?

Santa: Sure, I have a few things in mind. A compass or GPS system may work. And you could help, too. Just make sure Mom and Dad don't shop together. That way everyone will get where they need to go.

Moderator: Are reindeer the same as whitetail deer that live in the woods around here? When you're flying over the woods, does anyone ever try to shoot at your reindeer?

Santa: No, they are not the same as whitetail deer. We have never been shot at, though I have had to dodge a few shooting stars, a satellite or two, and a lot of planes.

Moderator: What was your favorite toy when you were young, or have you always been the age that you are now?

Santa: Yes, I was young once. I had such a great time back then I decided to get into the Santa business. That's why you'll be visited by me this Christmas. My favorite toy was either Matchbox cars or building blocks.

Name: Terry Headlee

Location: Undisclosed

Guest: Santa

Question: May I have 2 extra hours for deadline in 2006?

Santa: This sounds as if it may be coming from a newspaper. I think you should direct that question to your publisher. I hear he's a prince of a guy.

Moderator: If someone has been bad the whole year and then realizes that they've been wrong and tries really hard to turn it around, do they get any credit for seeing the light?

Santa: Absolutely. It's never too late to get your heart in the right place. Just make sure you keep doing the right things so I can come to see you every year.

Name: Pablo

Location: Hagerstown

Guest: Santa

Question: Dear Santa,

When you arrive at my house on Saturday night, you will find a plate of fresh vegetables and tofu, in lieu of the more traditional cookies and milk. Please do not be offended, but my family is concerned about your health. Heart disease is one of the #1 killers in America, and let's face it: you could stand to lose a few pounds.

Thank you so much for all the hard work you do every year!

Santa: I'll look forward to that. Mrs. Santa has hinted that she may give me a pair of running shoes for Christmas. She's worried a bit about my weight and wants me to begin an exercize program. I just don't think it's a good idea to run outside at the North Pole. Plus, it's so much easier to eat all of the cookies I get on Christmas. Merry Christmas to you!

Moderator: Are the elves that make the toys only boys, or are there girl elves, too? If so, do they get along, or do they fight like brothers and sisters do?

Santa: We have boy and girl elves. They are generally well behaved. But it can get stressful the few days leading up to Christmas, and occasionally tempers will flare. But all in all, they are great to work with.

Moderator: I know you keep track on which children and good and which ones aren't, but how about the grown-ups? Some grown-ups I know are very nice, but they never seem to get any new stuff. Why is that?

Santa: It's primarily an inventory problem. We have tons and tons of toys, but we don't keep our shelves stocked for adults. The elves and I just don't have the time to make stuff for adults. But as long as they ask for a toy, we try to deliver.

Moderator: I am a football fan and I want to ask you about the Sugar Bowl. Any idea who will win the game between West Virginia and Georgia?

Santa: Sorry, but I don't offer sports predictions. I don't gamble, and you shouldn't either.

Moderator: What do you want for Christmas?

Santa: Peace and prosperity. And I wouldn't mind those running shoes I mentioned earlier.

Mrs. Santa is calling me back to work. We still have a lot to do, and our deadline is looming. Don't forget to leave me some milk and cookies tomorrow night.

Merry Christmas to all!

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