Teen traditions and holiday happenings

December 20, 2005

Every family has its own holiday traditions. Here, teen writers with The Herald-Mail's Next section share some of theirs.

Stockings unstuffed

By Nell Barber

My brother and I get up and go to my parents' room with our stockings and open them on their bed.

Then we have breakfast and then take turns opening presents.

Card making

By Fedora Copley

My dad and I make Christmas cards and sell them at the Farmers Market in Hagerstown on Saturdays. We cut paper into trees, presents, penguins, etc.

My family likes making ornaments and wrapping paper and other things. We usually decorate our tree with a set of fairy tale-themed ornaments - mice with brooms and lions on stools.


Going to grandma's

By Jim Klick

On Christmas Day, we take turns opening presents. I give presents to my puppy. We have a ham dinner. We go to my grandma's house and eat, open presents and watch TV.

Christmas with cats

By Robert Keller

Our Christmas is great. On Christmas Eve, we go to our Nanny and Pappy's house to open presents. We also eat dinner and talk. After the presents, our parents go upstairs and open their presents. While they do this, we play with what we got. We leave around 10 p.m.

We wake up the next morning and open the presents from our parents and from Santa. We let our cats open their presents, which are usually treats. Afterward, we eat and play.

Merry metal Christmas

By Matt Newton

On Christmas Day, I wake up the family anywhere from 4 to 6 a.m. with Metallica's "Master of Puppets" blaring from my stereo. Someone records the family's present-opening session as if it were some rare stupendous event that must be captured on film. Later, we watch old Claymation Christmas films.

Up with the tree

By Caileigh Oliver

Every year on Christmas Eve, my family sets up the Christmas tree, after debating where to put it. We decorate the tree with ornaments we've gotten from friends and family members. After lighting the tree and placing our presents under it, we head to bed.

On Christmas morning, we go to my parents' room to wait for everyone to wake up, though we sometimes help them wake up if they're still sleepy. After everyone is up, we empty our stockings. We then open our presents and look at what everyone else got for Christmas and thank them for the presents.

Fish and gifts

By Nick Ritchick

I always go to my grandmother's house for Christmas. We eat fish from Long John Silver's, then go downstairs and exchange gifts. That gets a little complicated when my family is all there.

Gifts and more gifts

By Brad Smith

I usually open my dad's presents to me a week before Christmas. Then on Christmas Eve, I get to open one present from my mom. Christmas Day, my grandparents come and we open more presents. Then we go to my cousins' house to open presents from them. Then we spend Christmas night in the Plaza Hotel in Hagerstown. Then we go back to my grandma's house for a week and go tubing.

Time with family

By Stephanie Snyder

Christmastime has always been very special to my family. There are only five of us, but it is always great for the family to get together.

My parents and I go to the Christmas tree farm every year to cut down our own tree. Then my sister, brother and I decorate the tree together.

On Christmas Eve, we are allowed to open one present. Then we bake cookies.

We wake up early Christmas morning and have a big ham and egg breakfast. In the other room, the glistening tree stands above presents, teasing us. Finally, we open our presents together. During the day, we watch "A Christmas Story" marathon.

Special recipe

By Alan Sokol

Every winter, we bake pretzels and concoct a batch of Chex mix with our secret recipe. The Chex mix has a nice spicy flavor to it and is a bit crunchier than the standard recipe. It tastes like a whole new snack.

Advent angels

By Hira Zeb

At Advent time (the Christian season beginning four Sun-days before Christmas), my friends and I give something to each other or do something for each other. We pick one person, and, every day during Advent, we do favors for our Advent angel. Then, on the last school day before Christmas, we give each other big gifts.

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